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Last updated: May 4, 2019

**what are Robots and their applicationsA robot is a machine used to perform certain delicate and delicate functions that a human being can not perform because of the unavailability of his presence in the place or the high precision required by these tasks. For example, a robot has been replaced by a human alternative to complex surgeries, and it is also used for the removal and dismantling of mines planted during wars and colonial periods, and is used in the search for resources In addition to its military uses, in carrying out tasks, espionage, and in industry, especially in factories dealing with delicate, sensitive and dangerous products that contain environments that are not suitable for the human nature, apart from its use in entertainment and service.

It should also be noted that there is an engineering specialization called Mechatronics Engineering is looking at the development of robots and manufacturing to meet all requirements and human needs. To design a robots we need a electronic engineering and computer engineering , so the electronic engineer will make the circuit of the robots and he know which devices are available or not and computer engineer will use the hardware to run the software.The robots have many of application can do it:1. Outer Space Applications: Robots are playing a very important role for outward space scouting. The robotic unmanned spacecraft is used as the key of exploring the stars, planets.The most popular robots that used to scouting the space is “Mars rovers of NASA” in 1997 the robots drive down on a Martian soil in early of July, the mission of this robots is to study and navigated the surface of the plant .2. Health Service: this robots is under development that help the nurse to lift the patients without damage ,so this suit give the nurse like a fake muscle to enable to lif the patient .

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Scientists in Japan are going to finish this suit.3. Military Applications :there are many benefits of robots in warfare and is the most important thing that research and developing it because the army is one of the most important sectors. Already remarkable success has been achieved with unmanned aerial vehicles like the Predator drone, which are capable of taking surveillance photographs, and even accurately launching missiles at ground targets, without a pilot.4.

Intelligent Home Applications: We can monitor home safety, environmental conditions and energy usage with intelligent robotic home systems. Door and windows can be opened automatically and system such as lighting and air conditioning can be programmed to activate. This assists riding unheeding of their state of mobility..


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