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Last updated: April 3, 2019

Westernization can be characterized as a procedure whereby social orders go under or receive the Western culture in such issues as industry, innovation, law, legislative issues, financial matters, way of life, consume less calories, dialect, letter set, religion or qualities. Westernization has been an unavoidable and quickening impact crosswise over Pakistan over the most recent couple of hundreds of years. It is generally a two-sided process, in which western impacts and interests themselves are joined by a desire of at any rate parts of the influenced society to change towards a more westernized society, in the expectation of achieving western life or a few parts of it.

Expanding globalization has expanded the impact of Western culture in Pakistan, particularly among the rich, which have simple access to Western items, TV, media, and sustenance. Numerous Western natural ways of life have set up themselves in Pakistan, and are found in the real urban areas. In urban communities western dress is additionally well known among the young and the business division. Families don’t have a similar family time together and are particularly delicate about their protection.

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Fixation on English is so much that numerous Pakistanis, who talk and compose English well, can’t comprehend Urdu.


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