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Last updated: May 12, 2019

Well, let’s start by defining the difference between a Premium user and another that is not; the Premium user will pay monthly to obtain benefits, the non-Premium user will be able to enjoy the service for free, but he will have to listen or see commercials, and he will not have all the available benefits at his disposal.Now, let’s understand the difference between YouTube Music and YouTube. The first service is focused exclusively on music and video clips of musical artists, here you can enjoy the music you find in Google Play Music and other streaming services, plus all the music that is hosted on YouTube by independent artists, videos, covers, presentations Live, and much more, Practically access to a catalog with millions and millions of songs available.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are now available to everyone in Mexico and more countriesOn the other hand, YouTube is the classic service that you already know where you can watch music videos, but also the contents of your favorite “youtubers”, content that other users upload to the platform and the movies you buy from Play Movies.In summary … YouTube Music is to listen to all the music on Google Play Music (although that particular topic will be discussed on another much more specific note) and the music hosted on YouTube, while YouTube is for you to consume especially video content from your youtubers and favorite brands.So what are the Premium benefits?Google explains what are the benefits of being Premium customers in the following image:As we can see, the benefits are different in both services, but beware, because YouTube Premium includes all the benefits of Youtube Music Premium, but YouTube Music Premium does not include the benefits of YouTube Premium, although of course YouTube Music Premium is a bit cheaper than YouTube Premium.

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What do you mean? If you only want to listen to music with the possibility of downloading it on your cell phone, playing videos in the background and not listening to ads, then YouTube Music Premium is what you are looking for. But if you also want to access the original YouTube content, download any YouTube video on your cell phone and never see a single ad again, YouTube Premium is for you.What will happen to Google Play Music and all the music I uploaded now that YouTube Music exists?What is the option that suits me?This decision is up to everyone to take it based on their tastes and economic possibilities, but I recommend subscribing to YouTube Premium, because for 20 pesos more you have access to the benefits of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.The costs of the packages are the following:YouTube Music Premium: $ 99 individual / $ 149 family (up to 6 accounts)YouTube Premium: $ 119 individual / $ 179 family (up to 6 accounts)I hope that the differences between both products have been clear, and if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments or write me on Twitter at @albxrth_


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