Week 6: Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems
Computer networks are either connected locally or through the internet that distance does not server as a barrier. Since they are connected via the internet, they are bound to fall prey of intrusion against the network by unauthorized to steal or destroy information of an organisation (Vacca & Ellis, 2005).
In a network, firewalls serve as security guard by enforcing organisation’s security policy against intruders(Liu, 2009). Hence, they the restriction touches either incoming or outgoing interaction through network IP address with their ports and clients. The packets that flows through the network do not just go like that but they are subjected to filtering at the network level, only successful ones scale through while failed ones are bared (Liu ; Gouda, 2009). Where there is an attack with the presence of a firewall, it is as a result of wrong plan, implementation and rollout(Khari, Gaur, ; Tuteja, 2013)
In other words, intrusion detection systems serve as an alarm system to the network by monitoring unauthorized traffic across the entire system(Day, 2013). It alerts the administrator either via email, SMS message, an alarm or any form of notification that an attempt has been made against the network. Such intrusion is to disrupt normalcy in the network by rendering it useless. It may end up installing malware that will lead to denial of servers (DoS) completely. Its preferred use is for stopping an attack at its initial stage by preventing its spread across the network. However, the actions of combatting such instruction and done real-time based on firewalls configuration for IP address blockage against intruders.

According to (Sharma, Jindal, ; Sharma, 2014) just installing a firewall alone will not assure full service until intrusion detection system is install along site for a complete systems. In order to have a robust protection against unauthorized user, both firewall and intrusion detection system should be install so that each will perform its function(Newman, Asuncion, Smyth, ; Welling, 2009). Tools that are available for IDS and firewalls could either be software or hardware in nature. Penetration testing is one of the tools that is being employed today to help performing penetration test from intruders (Rogova, 2017). Network intrusion prevention system (NIPS) is a hardware that monitors traffic

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Looking at cost against potential commercial solutions, or firewalls that are considered based on speed their cost is always on the high side due to hardware firewall not a software firewall (Fulp, n.d.). In another study conducted by (Fanning, 2015), they found out that malware is one of the harmful computer utility and will cost the family a fortune. To avoid such, cost of malware should be included in the general information technology budget. In my own opinion based on (Potter, 2006) I will recommend an opensource firewall as against the enterprise one as a result of the cost. In most cases, if you weight the cost of an enterprise firewall, you will find out that it is not worth it since free and opensource will do the work.
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