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Week 3: Individual Hand-In: Development and quality plans In many projects, there is a common desire to immediately begin developing tangible results. In the case of software development quickly moving into code, art or other asset production is inarguably beneficial, but such must be made with a plan in place lest that benefit evaporate(Li, 1999). Granted, the development of such plans will postpone the development of product assets, but despite this delay, they prove invaluable in the long term.

As such, in this Discussion, you will consider the objectives of development and quality plans that make them vital steps of the software development process(Li and Zhang, 2010). On project execution, it is not always how early we execute them but how qualitative their products are. To complete this individual assignment, I will be presenting some valuation ways of achieving better result if proper planning is done prior to implementation.The following objectives will be considered in the development and quality plans.• Deliverables meet the project requirements specifications• To ensure alignment of deliverable with industry best practices and standards • Project conforms with software quality assurance plan standards.

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Deliverables meet the requirements specificationsIn software development project, a software requirement specification is developed to provide all the expectation customer at project closing(Knauss and Boustani, 2008). In that regards a well scheduled project will meet all requirements specification and being able to deliver on time. It is a know fact that at the end of transitioning the product to the client, once the project failed to meet end users’ requirements such project ends up with total rejection. In that regards, developmental objectives should be given proper attention so that the product will meet customers’ requirements.To ensure alignment of deliverable with industry best practices and standards.

All software development companies do not use their internal standards but adopt internal standards that is widely accepted(Standard, 2005). This is as a result of series of researches that have been carried out and received the same outcome. In order to achieve uniformity, standards are used to receive recognition by clients and develop confidence the product(Practices, 2001). Since we Project conforms with software quality assurance plan standards.SQA team ensures that they review the process description for strict compliance with both internal and external standards including policies of the organisation. The plan ensures that there is not deviation from the requirements documents to produce and qualitative product(Walkinshaw, 2017). Once the product development conforms with the SQAP, be assured that the product with be of quality and will meet the timeline of the project.

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