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Last updated: April 25, 2019

Wearable technology and IOT based findings are most trending research area with the rapid development of the world.

Fitbit, Apple, Samsung , Intel, Pebble brands are major brands of companies relevant to these technologies. 1.1 Wearable technology The phrase of Wearable technology can be basically described as the integration of smart electronic devices and clothing such as smart head bands ,smart glasses, smart watches, smart shoes, smart jewelries and smart textiles .The Wearable technology has a large impact in the sectors of fashion ,Medicine ,entertainment, Military and Fitness etc.1.2 IOT based technology Physical variables such as vibration, velocity, location, temperature and humidity can be transduced by the sensors .The values of the physical variables are digitalized with help of A/D conversion.

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The information which is provided by the sensors are capable to monitor on a display though the wireless module or Internet by means of IOT based technology. In addition to that IOT technology privilege remote controllability to the users of the IOT based devices.2.0 Defining the research problemThere is nothing smart wearable technology without portable electric power source. Since the life time of the wearable batteries are limited, External electric power generator have been essential.

But they should be possible to wear .Many companies who are interesting in wearable technology choose to implement solar cells into their devices .but it is so costly and complex .Users normally dislike to being open to the sunlight though they require portable electric power .

And there are less sunlight during the winter and rainy season. Wearable devices should be simple. So as we can see power generating to wearable devices by solar systems is limited .Researchers are finding current generating systems to wearable devices using piezo electric sensors .They have been implemented prototype of a smart shoe but it can only produce less than 0-2V voltage and nano times of current per foot. In this study we are focusing on implement developed smart shoe version which can produce more than 10V voltage and communicating information through the wireless module or internet. 3.

0 Objectives• Identifying the weaknesses of solar power energy generators to smart wearable devices.• Most suitable wearable type for the power generating and how much it can produce.• Develop a smart shoe prototype which can afford sufficient electrical power and more cost effective than previous studies.

• Connect with the internet by the wireless connections. • Ability to use smart shoe as a IOT based device user friendly.• Establish to the worldwide market as a modern trend.4.0 Outcomes• It will be able to know sufficient electrical power can be generated by even a foot step of own. • Ability to screen footstep count, distance moved by a wireless screen.• It doesn’t matter to made mistake to recharge your mobile phone or portable devices, while you are walking it can be recharged.• Controllability of smart shoe output by IOT Technology.• We want not stay outside for the sunshine to the solar energy, walking inside and produce your portable power expenditure.


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