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Last updated: March 4, 2019

We will be discussing the main conflicts that are correlated with a western leadership theory of Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mills and The Art of War an Eastern theory by Sun Tzu. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is the finest compilation of advice on strategy, tactics, and leadership. It is made up with advice and lay down principles by which one can lead men successfully, influence others, devise an effective strategy and overcome resistance and enemies in a war-like situation. Sun Tzu was involved in the military and his pieces of advice are meant to ensure success in the battlefield. The business aspect is made up of interpersonal relationships, teamwork and competitive environment also resemble a war zone in ways and many of the strategy and leadership principles remain the same.

This is why many managers and especially successful one who has transformed into good leaders have taken the help of Art of War by Sun Tzu to emerge as a good leader and foster teamwork and ensure organizational success by devising a strategy and executing them keeping in mind the advice laid down in the book.Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mills is made up of a leadership based on that fact of pleasing the greater good of people. This is based on the decision of trying to please the stakeholders in decisions that bring the most pleasure to them. This is a good form of leadership in regards to always wanting to keep your subordinates happy and content in the working environment. It’s a very slow process since you have to gain trust and communicating a lot to protentional understand what brings each stakeholder happiness. In regards to decision making Mills theory of utilitarianism supports that you made the right action if the results are good but are bad if the results create pain.In the form of leadership, you can clearly see that the theory by John Mills can only support a leader so much in creating followers. As to the way Sun Tzu lead his soldiers as a confident and a leader that plans and is knowledgeable in the area of competition as you might refer to it in the 21-century instead of the art of war.

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The problems arise when the Theory of Utilitarianism gives only so many tools for a leader to utilize in an organization standpoint. As compared to the Art of War you are given tools that are being implemented still to this day in staying competitive in the economy with so must competition. The difference between both these theory’s is that Utilitarianism is a slower pace decision-making strategy when Art of war is a more strategic know your competitors more than they know you. Care for your followers as if they were your kids In conclusion as a leader, it is a necessity that we understand the value of the goals we are trying to reach, realize the collective potential of the organization and successfully plan to overcome the obstacles. In the effort to reach the long terms goals, we may need to let go of the mini-goals, but just like the text explains, it’s the conclusion of the undertakings that matter not just the victories but the defeat as well, and we need to be able to realize our external environment, our internal environment and be able to analyze every possible outcome of any situation for its merits.


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