Topic: Culture

Last updated: February 13, 2019

We human beings spend much of our daily lives interacting with one another. Sociologists observe these daily interactions, which it often brings them to question. What does society deem socially “normal”? And how do we as humans read and maintain what we call “normal”? Before we begin to talk about what is normal, it is important to understand how culture affects social norms within a society. One’s culture can shape a person’s perception of what we consider normal or acceptable. Not only can it dictate what we deem socially acceptable, but how we view and accept other cultures too. Most people do not notice how import things such as speech, body language, and belifes can impact us.

We often unintentionally preform these learned behaviors as something that is completely normal almost like breathing. In fact it becomes so “normal” that it becomes unnoticeable to us.

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