we are the Arabs who still believe that our Arab capitals are more committed to the religious morals and good habits from the American cities the same surprise that struck me when I traveled to America in 2015 will reveal that the opposite the true and that our Arabic country is the great satan and that our societies are decadent which have no legitimacy or legal. before I emigrated to America i brought religious books and prayer mats because i believe that i am an immigrant to a country where there is nothing in like my country as portrayed by our books newspapers magazines and television programs after the first week of my arrival in Columbus Ohio which is inhabited by eleven million people discovered that the mosques in the city more than twice the mosques in my city where I lived before with other differences that are not available to mosques in most Arab capitals. the mosques here in America are exempt from taxes and can collect donations and assistance from the public without being obliged to pay taxes on them which are the same advantages available to public benefit organizations churches Jewish Buddhist and others. the worshiper here in America prays because he wants to pray and will not find anyone with a long stick beating people on their backs on Friday to force them to pray as the police of the Arabian country do. the worshiper here is more reconciled with his god than the worshiper in Arabia country who is led to the mosque by force so you will not be surprised when you find that most of the criminals or devils in Arabia country are forced to perform the five prayers beat with bamboo.. the American constitution guarantees freedom of worship so you will not find in the curriculum of us curriculum to teach the Christian or Jewish religion you will not find in the identities and passports any mention of the religion of the passport holder of that this is a special issue between him and his god has nothing to do with the minister of religious. however, the percentage of commitment to religion and religious beliefs among Christians and even American Jews is not only greater than that of Muslims but more committed faithful and loyal. when the visitor going on Sundays to the churches in Columbus they will find it full and pretty clean with all their needs because the contributions of the worshipers don’t go to the pockets steals and the farms of the cows delusional phantom while the most mosques in the cities where Muslims are lacking mats and mats and bathrooms most do not work most small mosques are rented shops and not exclusive buildings as are churches or synagogues who have the exclusive place. a large Arab community but distributed among organizations associations and sects are different even in the scheduling of fasting and not in Columbus one Arab school except that the Pakistani school which claims to study Arabic language and requires students a monthly fee not even paid by American universities while the jews center religious and cultural one beautiful giant occupies one of the most beautiful suburbs in Columbus and provides members of religious social and cultural services including teaching Arabic. here in America, a person under the age of 21 is not allowed to buy cigarettes and alcohol. if the owner of the shop is caught selling a cigarette to a person under the age of 21 his shop is closed his license is withdrawn and a fine is imposed on him. bush daughter a student at Yale University bought a beer canister using a friends identity to buy liquor. the police arrested the daughter of the president and turned her to court. she was sentenced to adjudication. and covered by all us media while in our country the sons of the rulers kill people or arrest them without charge. laws because they are with their parents above the constitution.. we have accepted we Muslims in our country either by stick or heredity and we found the books of religion fixed on us in schools and universities and i do not think that two differ that the lesson of religion and Arabic is the most lessons that we were boring and I am willing to bet that what we read and memorized by talks verses and stories do not mention anything now in our country education was still based on coercion lying allegation and indoctrination of students who find opposing practices on the ground and in fact even by teachers. many are the frequent reports of a teacher of religion or an Arab who has been caught harassing one of his students. islamic universities do not do so because they want to but because they do not qualify for other colleges. fear terror murder lies and theft is what I leave a legacy behind me in my country safety security honesty and freedom. here in America now I want to raise my children to the correct American values that they will be distinguished by their talents and abilities away from the black stages that they faced in Iraq. I hope that my country Iraq will be like America by following the real systems of citizenship and respect for others and not lying and that the preachers wearing a turban are not leading the country especially if they have just the primary school


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