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Last updated: January 29, 2019

Water pollution has become a major concern in last century. Water pollution can define to many ways. Usually, it means one or more substances had built up in water such an extent that can harm people or animals.

For example, if u poured a cup of ink into a river, the ink will disappear into the river immediately to much large volume of the clean water. As long as the time the ink will still in the river, but we would not able to see it. At such low level, the chemical of ink probably would not present serious problem. However, if poured a tank of ink into the river in few second from the pipe, the river will coloured but the chemical ink. In course of time, it will present serious harmful to environment, people and animal. First of the serious problem of water pollution is connected to contamination of water that affect to ecosystem.

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Ecosystem is the interaction of living thing in a place. Ecosystem can be severely destroyed by water pollution. Nutrient pollution from upstream of hill will often flow downhill and even travel miles into other large water volume. The effect of that will influence the growth of fish and other aquatic animals by reducing and absorbing their oxygen supply.

This will lead an increasing of imbalance of ecosystem. Gradually, the order of ecosystem of that water will affect negatively, as the destruction or introduction of organisms will entire the food chain in there.


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