Warm-Up Assignments
Sijie Jin Bernie
COMM 3590 W01
Warm-up assignments (10 EXTRA points)
Please complete the three activities included in this warm-up assignment and submit it to BlackBoard by the due date on your Course Calendar to gain 10 extra credit points.
Please do not forget to include your personal in your completed assignments, namely: your last name, your name, your English nickname, and your section.
No extra points will be assigned to late assignments.
No extra points will be assigned if you forget to submit it your assignment in BlackBoard.

No extra points will be assigned if you forget to include your personal information in your assignment.

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Activity 1
Directions: Identify a job ad (internships included) in any language (Chinese included) for a position anywhere in the world that you find suitable for your future career. Be ambitious and creative, but consider at the same time a position that could be within your reach.

Cut and paste the job ad in the space below (use the snipping tool available in Windows). Translate the job ad to English if it is in another language.

CUT AND PASTE YOUR JOB AD IN THIS SPACE. Add as much space as needed

Activity 2
Directions: Write a cover letter in response to that ad. Write the cover letter in English. Try to do your best based on your current understanding of what a cover letter is. We will go into the details in class, and we will later have the chance to refine your cover letter, so no worries.

Cut and paste your cover letter in the below space.

88 Daxue Road
Wenzhou, Zhejiang 32500
September 18, 2018
Jane Titova
Vice President
Wedbush Securities
61 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
Re: Investment Banking Analyst – Wedbush Securities
Dear Ms. Titova,
I am highly interested in being as an Investment Banking Analyst with Wedbush Securities. Thanks to my professional network on Indeed.com, I was lucky enough to hear about this opportunity. I believe this job is perfectly tailored to what I’d like to do in the following years: provide transaction support to senior bankers on corporate finance transition and be a financial analysis to establish a financial model which I have learned well in my university. It will be more efficient to give the job to the person who have already mastered this knowledge. Furthermore, I am willing to put myself to the company’s future plan, I will contribute all my passion and patience to this company.

As an excellent graduated student, I believe I possess all the necessary prerequisites to become an Investment Banking Analyst. First of all, I think the most important thing I can offer is my working experience in finance. I have two internship experiences in security company in Shanghai. Being an assistant to the Financial Analyst, I learned a lot about financial knowledge and received high praise from my colleagues, so I believe I will be qualified with this job. Moreover, when I was in the second year in the university, I did some researches which required me to have the knowledge of the modelling with my instructor who is my economy professor. Hard work pays off, I did a good job and I reinforce my quantitative and analytical skills. Furthermore, I have a deep-rooted interest in this job, I can spare no effort to every subject about related to this job. If I do not get this job, I think I will be rather upset.

Now that I have introduced myself, I hope I have conveyed my information and interest sufficiently to achieve my goal: to be considered for the Investment Banking Analyst at Wedbush Scurrilities. If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to call me at (+86) 15967197670 or send me an email at [email protected] I know recruiting is quite stressful time and I really hope it’s going as well as you’d hoped.

Bernie Jin
Activity 3
Directions: Write your curriculum vitae in English. Try to do your best based on your current understanding of what a curriculum vitae is. We will go into the details in class and we will later have the chance to refine your curriculum vitae, so no worries. Try the European format which is in this module.

Cut and paste your cover letter in the below space.

CUT AND PASTE YOUR CURRICULUM VITAE IN THIS SPACE. Delete all the directions in your paper.

88 Daxue Road (86)15967197670
-1761692199310Wenzhou Zhejiang 32500 [email protected]
Wenzhou Kean University Expected May 2020date
B.S in Finance
GPA: 3.7/4.0
Zhongtai Securities, Shanghai July-September 2018date
Intern/Financial Analyst Assistant
Helped analyzing stocks and securities.

Helped classifying the materials.

Assisted with taking notes on conservations with customers.

Provided customers with proper investment advices.

Sagacious dba Buglin Bull Restaurant & Sports Bar, Custer SD June-August 2017date
Helped cutting vegetables, meats, fruits
Helped cooking pizza, orange chicken, curry chicken
Helped cleaning the kitchen
Wenzhou Kean University Music Club September 2017- June 2018date
Vice President
Organized campus “Top Ten Singers”, assigned the tasks to different apartments in music club, invited professional judges to the “Top Ten Singers”.

Organized music clubs to participate in different music activities. Divided them into several groups, checked their rehearsal and gave them advices.

Wenzhou Kean University Badminton Club September 2017-June 2018date
Minister of Propaganda
Assigned tasks to members, taught them how to use advertisement tools.

Organized the advertisement of “Freshman Badminton Competition”.


MS (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access), Photoshop, Python, iMovie
Work Cited
Investment Banking Analyst Advertisement. (2018, September 8). Retrieved September 9, 2018, from https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=0a77e56699995c37&tk=1cmucg9p0aetkbrh&from=serp&vjs=3


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