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Last updated: August 4, 2019

Wander Within Its BeautyThroughout the years mother nature never failed to amazed us with its natural beauty.

We are able to see through our own eyes the different masterpieces without an expense. And being able to wander its beauty and just feel the calmness and peacefulness it brought to our soul. Mother nature gives us so much things to enjoy that is way beyond our expectations.

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Since I was little I have been so fascinated with how wonderful mother nature is, and have some wonderful experiences with it that I will never forget.Since I was little I really wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature and being able to travel to different places around the world . Looking back I have been to some places in just a little span of time but it was so worth it.The day after my cousin got married we went to a beach at Surigao to have fun, and to bond together with my cousins and aunts. I was very excited at that time, on our way to the beach I was so blown away with the beauty of nature, the beautiful mountains and tall trees throughout.

And one thing that I was amazed as well was when we bought seafood and it was so fresh. And so, we are very bless that mother nature provides us with our needs.When we arrived at the beach I knew it was going to be an unforgettable moment. We then immediately prepared for our food. After which we brought tables and our foods near the beach, and what's left for us to do was to have fun. And so I've wandered the beauty of our mother nature, feeling thankful with how blessed we are to have such wonderful surroundings to look at to.The next thing that I did with my cousins was we explore the beach and head on to a big rock that was surrounded with water where we jumped from it several times.

And then we walked as far as we could to be at the other side of the beach feeling the grains of the sand through our feet. As we go back and head on to our table , we then gathered around and have lunch together seeing the beautiful views of the mountains and hearing the sound of the big waves of the ocean. Since we have so much energy from all the food that we ate we then head on to the beach and enjoyed the big waves trying to stand still from it. Since it was almost five in the afternoon we then decided to get off of the water. And together with my cousins we helped in cleaning the table with all the mess.

After cleaning we then take a shower and put on clean clothes, getting ready to go home. But before we head home we took pictures with the wonderful views of the beach and the mountains as a remembrance of our trip. It was a very tiring day for me but one of the happiest.Being able to wander the beauty of nature is somehow a blessing for me and for everyone that to live in this world God have given us everything that we need and that satisfies our eyes through his masterpieces. I will be forever grateful that I have been given the chance to live in a place of pure beauty and awesomeness. And what is left for us to do is to thank God, preserve, and take care of his masterpieces for the future generations to experience as well the beauty of our mother nature.


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