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Last updated: April 24, 2019

Virus protectionThe main purpose of antivirus software is mainly to protect the computer from getting a virus. It does this by scanning through downloads and attachments for viruses, and they then run in the background whilst the user is surfing the Internet. Examples of this software include McAffee, Norton, and AVG.Firewalls A firewall is a security system that monitors and also controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the security rules it is programmed to follow. A firewall usually finds a barrier between an internal networks and an untrusted external network and example of this would be the Internet.

Examples of firewalls include Hybrid Packet-based, proxy and stateful inspection.Clean up tools for removal of cookiesCookie deletionCookies are small files that are stored on your computer by most/all websites. They are there to identify you through remembering your username and sometimes your password. They also remember the last thing you visited on their websites so that they can give you more advertisements about the products you have looked at the most.Web cache deletionThis reduces the time that is taken to therefore download the page again if the user revisits it.

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The web developers will often write codes into their pages so that they can pre-download often used images and then code them for repeated use.Internet historyInternet history is a resource in a Web browser that keeps track of the sites and pages that the user of the computer has been on. This can be useful in places such as schools as teachers can therefore check up on what pupils have been going on during their lessons to ensure they are doing the right work.

You can get internet history on any computer that has google chrome or internet explorer or any type of web browser.Defragmentation When a file is larger than one block it will be split across several blocks. Sometimes these blocks are not in the same or consecutive locations on the disk. A file that is actually stored in more than one location on the disk is called a fragmented file and this therefore reduces the speed in which the file can be read. Examples of defragmentation software includes Diskeeper, O and O defrag, defraggler, Norton utilities and finally MyDefrag.Drive formattingThis is the process where a file system is created. The file allocation table is written into the disk so that the files may then be stored onto it.

The file system and block size are then chosen at this point and then cannot be changed later without it being re-formatted.


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