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Last updated: January 21, 2020

Video games are one of the largest entertainment industries in America.

The question is not who plays, but what games, on what device and with whom. In fact, nearly half of the U.S. population — 155 million people — play video games, and four out of five households own a game-playing device. When you first get home from school or work what’s the first thing you do? Change your clothes, maybe eat something. Today’s younger generation involves that and video games. It’s the new normal.

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What they do when they get home and whenever they have free time. There are always pros and cons to video game. I believe some can even encourage problem solving skills and logical reasoning. These skills help children solve problems thinking more literally and figuratively. Another pro is they can be shown to increase hand-eye coordination and motor skills, even going as far as thinking faster. One way I see video games helping quick thinking is a video game can simulate stressful events. The gamer can use this in real world events which allows the brain to make quick decisions. This can help a child’s development especially when they are older.

Another pro to video games is it can help with reading comprehension and inductive reasoning. In today’s society there seems to be more cons than pros for video games. Which I see as understandable. It can affect children and even young adults by always being in front of a television not getting out into the real world. Even in my personal life it’s annoying when my significant other can spend hours on end in front of the television instead of doing something useful with his time.

One con being said that it can make children more fearful and less sensitive to pain. One of the biggest things that you hear in the media is that video games can make children more violent? I view that as being false. Not all video games are violent, and I find that if a child spends a certain amount of time playing video games they are less likely to be outside being “violent.” When I think of video games the cons that come to mind are decreased development. Spending so much time inside instead of outside playing with friends can limit social interactions.

Therefore, decreasing social skills, which is an important skill that you will need in life. Children should pay more attention to family interactions, and friends instead of limiting so much time to video games that will always be there at the end of the day. Physical activity is another one. In the united states a growing problem is obesity. Video games cause you to not move around much, thus limiting time to outside playing or even after school activities. I view this as causing future health problems in children. Today compared to a 60 years ago has so much technology being developed it’s unimaginable if you would have thought about all the technology we would have available to us today. Still no flying cars though.

New technology includes so much the most recognizable being 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robots, biotechnologies and many other things. The one I would say carries the most risk is artificial intelligence and robots. The one that comes to mind most instantly is leaving so many people without jobs. You used to be able to go right into McDonalds and have two or three people waiting to take your order. Now you go in and you have one person waiting, and four screens so you can do it yourself. This leaves many people getting laid off with no income. Making it twice as hard to find a job today. What about machines being powered by artificial intelligence? How do we make sure that the decisions they make are ethical? For example, if a self-driving car has the choice to either crash into a person crossing the street, or crash into a wall injuring, or even killing, its passengers, how can it make that split-second decision, one that we struggle with? Another developing technology is Biotechnology.

Which is modifying living organisms for medicinal, agricultural, or industrial uses. While this could see many benefits, I also view it as coming with negative outcome like an ethical dilemma, such as whether genetically modifying plants or animals could lead to problems we haven’t foreseen. Which as we all know we could make something that could be great for many people but find out ten years down the line that it causes cancer, or deformities in children. A new developing technology that comes out as having very little benefit is Geoengineering. It is used to reduce climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air or limiting sunlight reaching the plant.

This would be very beneficial to the planet but could also takes away focus from the very important job of reducing emissions, or that the side effects of some of the technology cancel out its benefit. They may also prove simply too expensive to start using. From watching Netflix on your phone to asking Google whatever question you have, people have begun to rely more on technology than anything or anyone else than ever before. Technology comes with so many benefits to today’s society. Being able to communicate with family overseas, or even 100 miles away.

Is one of the positive views from me. I can have a relationship with family whom I haven’t seen for years. But as time goes on and with new technology coming out all the time I’m afraid leaves us all in vulnerable positions. Many cons come into play like loss of privacy. The new technology being developed is so good that it records user’s private conversations and shares the details with third parties.

An example of this is something that happens to me personally all the time. I will go look up something on my phone, and within the same day I will see an ad on Facebook on the same thing I looked up or even something closely related to it. Another con is having a permanent connection to the workplace. Some time ago you would work a Monday through Friday job and at the end of the week you would go home and that would be end of it. But today a lot of people go home and still end up working even after they’re work day. An example I see is my Dad, who installs doors for home depot comes home from work every day and is still doing stuff on the computer for his clients. He even does this on the weekends, which of course leaves a negative impact on his home life because he’s always on the phone or computer working which leaves very little time for his family. As I said earlier having a totally machine-based workforce can bring on many future dangers for everyone.

Previous employment areas which were once considered ‘human only’ are now being taken over by machines. Twenty years ago, a self-checkout machine was thought impossible, now there are almost half a million worldwide, enabling one member of staff to run up to six checkout lanes at a time. A problem many can see developing over time is becoming over-reliant on technology. I think this has already happened. I can’t go anywhere without my cell phone. I don’t know anyone’s number except my parents, and frankly I never see payphones at least where I live anyway. Becoming over-reliant on technology may actually reduce our intelligence.

There are many examples today of drivers blindly following GPS instructions into rivers and ditches, people who cannot spell without the use of a word processor, and those who cannot perform simple math problems without the use of a calculator. With developing more and more technology comes with the problem of throwing out the old to bring in the new. Which is produced from constantly renewing our gadgets, the using up of natural resources as demand increases and prices drop, the pollution that comes from the manufacture and use of these items. Unless more effort is put into developing ‘green’ tech, this could become a large, if initially unseen, danger in the future.

One thing many people can view as positive which I view as negative is military application of science is in that it has led to the creation of the atomic bomb and other such weapons of mass destruction. Technology has made the complete destruction of humanity possible. That capacity continues to grow, as more nations develop nuclear technology and the proliferation of nuclear warheads continues.

This leaves our country so vulnerable if anyone that is against us gets ahold of. Many could see this as being able to use in bad situations, but I view it as we shouldn’t have made anything like this to begin with. There are too many negative outcomes from having it in the first place.


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