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Last updated: December 30, 2019

Video game addiction

The image of video games within the public eye has changed and developed considerably over the past 40 years that video games have existed. This has become an essential part of the entertainment industry, As video games are becoming increasingly popular, so is the scientific interest in the effects video games have on individuals. The issue at hand is whether video games are beneficial or detrimental?

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The internet and video games have been playing a considerably large role in the lives of adolescents and questions have been raised in relation to how these have impacted the development of teenagers. The human brain is like clay; we shape it, mold it, and evolve it by the stimulation we give it, by exposing our brains to violent content it will affect the way we view the world. Video games negatively shape young children’s thoughts, They have desensitized them to the value of human life. Game environments are often based on plots of violence and aggression, offering a variety of weapons, to kill your opponents with. Players are rewarded for committing violent actions, influencing players to continue playing and conquer the video game realm. Notable negative effects that can potentially affect gamers may include decreased eyesight, irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy eating habits and even a possible reduction in academic. Studies have proven that Students addicted to video games have lower academic grades than their non-addicted peers. Today’s children have much less physical activity in their lives than in the past, video games are a big contributing factor, this can increase the risk of obesity, although genetics and diet play crucial roles.


Video game plots are focused to appeal to the male audience, as the majority of their audience is Male. Male protagonists are portrayed as strong and fearless, as women are often characterized as weaker characters that are helpless or sexually provocative This is something that occurs nearly all throughout the media, as in the media, sex and violence are big sellers, but there’s a difference between creating appealing, marketable characters and oversexualising them to the point of disrespect. The line between them is increasingly hard to define. This can have a substantial influence on how men treat women, as video games have taught them it is “socially acceptable”.

P3: how video games affect relationships

Virtual entertainment use to be known as child’s play, but now adults are getting hooked, sacrificing their jobs, families, and friends to spend all their time online. Some researchers have found that the growing popularity of virtual entertainment contributes to decreasing qualities of relationships and communication with family and friends. The violence in video games is one factor as to why parents discourage their children from playing them. According to scientific research, increase in video gaming increased the aggressive nature of thoughts, behavior, and feelings. Over-dependence on video games could foster social isolation, as video games are often played alone. This could create social anxiety for the player, they find the use video games as a way to escape reality, so it is a natural instinct to turn to online games when they are stressed, angry or upset.

Playing violent video games can also lead to increased violence and aggression towards gamers become so obsessed, they begin to get their priorities mixed up, jeopardizing relationships, they will no longer put effort into bonding with friends and family, as their main focus is to play and conquer the video game realm.


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