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Last updated: November 29, 2019

Various terms such as markets, marginal analysis, value and so on, have been used since the era of ancient Greek economists such as Smith, Malthus, Marshall and many more (cite book). According to (cite Ambler), marketing can be led to the Middle Ages with St. Thomas Aquinas’ buyer motivation and St. Bernardino of Siena’s recognition to function, market price and psychological benefit. Marketing can also be led to the Physiocrats of the 18th century and the Austrian School of Economics at the finish of the 19th century (cite Broecklemann). This proves marketing has been applied for many centuries and with the 20th century appreciating it as an independent discipline (Ambler). Marketing dominated the United States of America in its early years whilst its forerunner, Economics, dominated Europe.

It is also because of the USA, marketing is being taught in schools today as the Americans saw it as a subject deserving to be studied, since the discipline gave the people a strong sense of individualism and entrepreneurship (cite book).

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