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Last updated: September 7, 2019

Value of Maori Heritage in New Zealand EconomyNumerous studies express on certain facets of Maori contribution to New Zealand economy, strictly focus on businesses in New Zealand, its environment, the culture, heritage, language, benefits and the morality of business opportunities internationally.

However, results are suggested within this research in terms of Maori aspects contribution to what New Zealand Economy is today with conceptual and theoretical development of frameworkA New Zealanders comes from extraordinary pioneers who explored, settled and traded throughout the Pacific. Embarking on their journey before the birth of Christ, when other peoples were not venturing far from visible land, our tipuna used advanced celestial knowledge to guide them over ten million square miles of ocean. For a thousand years now, New Zealanders have been at the helm of one of the greatest stories of migration in the history of the world. Whether they came on the first waka from Hawaii, a NZ company boat in the late 1800s or the latest flight landing at Auckland international- our ancestors prevailed against incredible odds, and did so with bravery, wisdom and kotahitanga, unity. All our ancestors and families were explorers and entrepreneurs: the ultimate project managers with a strategic plan who settled the biggest ocean on earth and produce a nation that in 2012 is increasingly seen as the best place to live in the planet. More and more of our Maori organisations are significant contributors to the New Zealand economy. Ngai Tahu is the South Island’s largest company and Treaty of Waitangi settlements continue to provide a platform for tribal and Maori led growth. Aotearoa has unique aspects of culture with Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori and other, but I concentrate on this unique aspect only.

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Te Reo Maori fits to the land and water of Aotearoa. It is embedded within thousands of years of profound and multifaceted of history in which Maori identity has been coated. Its tales cross time extents from the coming of Maori to these lands to the modern encounters of uttered message into a wider replicated and technical space. Te Reo Maori is intimately related to corporeal and mystical wellbeing inspiring those who are moved by its range.

Sustaining Te Reo Maori is not without trials. Years gone by of underinvestment, institutional discrimination and the artifacts of colonization has directed the decaying of speakers. This has influences! To support Te Reo Maori in an increasing competition and worldwide environment, so there is a need to make it clear the role of Te Reo Maori in diverse aspects of Aotearoa including economic measurement. The agreement of Treaty of Waitangi taking responsible for protection and conserving Te Reo Maori (Waitangi Tribunal, 2011).

However, the language must beyond the government authority, so Te Reo Maori language, need to play a role in either creating demand for private sector or for Te Reo Maori goods and services to meet this demand (Te Puni Kokiri, 2014b). “…it is a matter of national pride and identity for all New Zealanders. Everybody wins when the Maori language thrives” (Waitangi Tribunal, 2011, p. 161) Kapa Haka is an example that makes significance contribution to global scale. It has economic implications, social, and cultural (Pihama, Tipene, ; Skipper, 2014). Although we are alert of the effects of several Maori imagery in creation and marketing New Zealand’s economic identity, no complete standard takes of those goods and services and works that includes Te Reo Maori and culture. I have personally witnessed how New Zealand connections transcend language barriers and how deep relationships can be forged based on an exposure of foundation.

I have seen how Maori culture opens doors in markets, such as goods and services, and paves the way for Maori business and commercial success.


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