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Last updated: March 29, 2019

Uttej Kollu Mrs. Kelley5/10/18What Is So Great About Adding Bugs to the Menu? Those little pests flying around one’s head, buzzing in their ear. One might try swatting at the bugs, but they it is no use.

They always manage to escape. But a final blow is delivered and it drops to the ground, dead. Every time one swats and kills a bug, you are killing protein, iron, calcium, minerals, and vitamins. Bugs can also help with saving money depending on what part of the world you are in. Bugs might also help the world with issues such as global warming and world hunger. So, adding bugs to the menu is the right decision. One of the excellent ideas of adding bugs to school lunches is that they are healthy. These little critters aren’t just pests that buzz around your ears and irritate you.

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Many bugs are healthier than meat. Bugs are also high in protein. According to Emma Bryce from Ted-Ed, “Insects, can contain up to 80% protein, the body’s vital building blocks….” Your body needs the protein, so eating this creepy crawlies is a healthy choice. Second, these organisms don’t only have protein, but they also contain minerals and vitamins.

These are just as essential to your body as protein. In fact, the article Bug Bits reports ” A pound of grasshoppers has less fat than a pound of beef, and the insects are higher in calcium and iron.” Compared to eating beef, bugs are healthier. Some types of bugs contain more iron than most types of meat. Sure some might argue that the prospect of eating bugs is unlikely because of our familiar past with these pests, but when you take a bite, you gain nutrition and taste. Some people say that bugs taste like peppers.

Undoubtedly, bugs are healthier compared to many types of meat. Not only are bugs healthier, they are much cheaper to raise.Bugs are cheaper compared to raising livestock and they are also easier to harvest. One can raise many insects compared to raising livestock. According to the article Bug Bites, ” It takes a lot of grass and water and space to raise a cow. Imagine how many grasshoppers you could raise the same amount of land!” For example, let’s say that one has a cow. You could use that water and food on the bugs to raise hundreds of grasshoppers. Another reason, bugs farms are more compact and efficient.

And also, the next age of bugs is going to be fed on the bio-waste material. Biowaste material is cheaper because a farmer does not have to pay for it. The waste from your livestock can be used as fuel for the bugs.

Raising bugs are not also just cheap, they can be very easy to harvest. Bugs travel in groups which allows one to capture dozens of insects. Besides being cheap and healthy, bugs can beneficial. Bugs can help with many things since they are beneficial.

For one thing, they can help with world hunger issues. Since bugs are cheap, you can import much ten of thousands of bugs to food insufficient countries. Not only that, the article The Latest Buzz: Save the Planet by Eating Bugs says “In addition, raising livestock contributes greatly to pollution and to global warming Insect farming would produce a fraction of the greenhouse gases produced by livestock and would create less runoff to pollute the waterways.

” Besides that, bugs can article say that bugs are a perfect food for outer space because astronauts can breed them in the starry sky. Whether we like it or not, bugs are also useful to Earth. In conclusion, to make a healthier choice for one’s self, people, and the big blue world, changing your diet and adding bugs to the menu is a smart choice. For one thing, they are healthy, very productive, and are a beneficial food. Changing our diet can help the people who need food in the US and other countries.

Undoubtedly, schools should start adding bugs to their menus.


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