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Last updated: March 5, 2019

Using Mathematics of Investment and Statistics to predict Overseas Filipino Workers profits

1.1 Background Literature
The Philippine government have the eagerness of becoming our nation a progressive, well-develop, well-stimulated, and a business-oriented people to boost the economy. One of their strategical way to attain these desires of the country is to send Filipino workers to migrate outside the country.
They are considered as the country`s newest breed of heroes because they are successful in pumping billions worth of dollar remittances in our country. Historically, migration of Filipinos started way back 1417 under Spanish people, from the regime of the former president Ferdinand Marcos (1970-1972), after the World war 2 where he sent approximately 100 thousand Filipino workers, excluding students and professionals in the United States of America, and in some places like Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Canada and in some part of Asian countries(1906-1960s). As of now, there are numerous numbers of Filipinos professional and unprofessional who travels abroad and yet, they were unable to use some profitable strategies to invest while, they`re busy working outside the country
Problem statement
According to Robert Kiyosaki he has explained smartly the attitude of a one person towards dealing with money, the truth that a one person is either in the state of “gaining money” or in “taking away money” which he called them as “assets”, and “liability” (2017). An “assets” can give you an income expanding your business operations but, in liability it will take away moneys from you that will lead to frustrations. There are many so many good in investments opportunities for OFWs, like buy and sell goods, open an online store, stock market, invest in real estate, safety investing in mutual funds, recruitment service, open a simple sari-sari store, manage a food cart, franchise restaurant, becoming a blogger, and starting a travel agency but, the main problems are that they do not know where to start, what are the proper instruments that they greatly need to run a one business that leads to investing but, how they will start the business for investing ,and the ability to fulfill some financial goals?. Ideally speaking, Financial literacy, and practical thinking with great common sense are the “keys” for a one Filipino worker to succeed in the business world.

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