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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Use of a diesel boiler is said to more productive according to Rezeau, A*.; Díaz where is it mentioned as “Its size and easier assembly allows a quicker and easier installation in the boiler-room, which is often located in the basement of the building and does not have too much free space of easy access” (Rezeau, et al., 2007).

Since the desired boiler is to be used in a factory area much of the space spent to place the boiler can be saved by using a diesel boiler.It is also mentioned as “Its simplicity (thanks to fewer elements required compared to a steel boiler) facilitates the implementation of an automatic maintenance system” (Rezeau, et al., 2007).Which proves the fact by using diesel boiler automation can be done much more efficiently and easily.The requirement of this boiler is produce steam for the manufacturing of the pharmaceuticals.

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thereby boiler is required to maintain maximum steam generation efficiency throughout the process, simplicity of operation, and compliance to both stringent air emission and safety regulations. It is expected to automate the whole process of operation. This will make sure the production of pharmaceuticals tablets occurs without any error.


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