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Last updated: December 30, 2019

ur Ps of marketing, also known as the marketing mix, is an age old concept coined way back in the 1960s. For years now, this mantra has been at the core of most of the marketing strategies when formulating a go-to-market strategy. While it was a brilliant framework to incorporate different facets of a marketing strategy in the past, times have changed. The incessantly growing use of smartphones to converse with the customer (thanks to the growing smartphone pt’s What We Do” is aimed at, except maybe guys who watch television. And the client. And think about this: instead of celebrating beer drinkers – one good way to connect with us – they’re actually kind of ridiculing us guys: for all the stupid white man-ways we’ve been greeting each other over the years; or dissing each other (Hey asshole, you look like shit – but I’m only kidding. Let’s have a Bud.); or somebody’s delusion of how beer drinkers carry five, six beers in ballparks (Hell, you can’t even buy that many beers at once, even at Busch Stadium, can you?)

And then they make it worse by painting some kind of contrast t

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