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Last updated: March 1, 2019

UPS information systems address six strategic business objectives:Operational Excellence• UPS continue to seek to improve efficiency in their operations in order to attain profits.• Their information system is an important part of their business objectives ensuring exceptional operational processes geared up to their success.New products, services and business model• UPS created a UPS supply chain solution division that provides a complete bundle of standardised services to subscribing companies at a fraction of what it would cost to build their own systems and infrastructure.• UPS business model has shown how it produces, delivers and sells a product or service to create wealth.

Customer and supplier intimacy• UPS is customer orientated ensuring high level of customer service while keeping costs low and streamlining its overall operations.• Ensuring high profits.• Engaging with supplier ensures that suppliers can provide vital inputs resulting in lower cost.

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Improved decision making• The information systems have made it possible for managers to use real-time data from the market place when making informed decision.• Managers are able to make human resource decisions such as promotions or transfers, integrate employee records across the organisation and review employee performance.Competitive advantage• UPS attains their business objectives ensuring that they render services differently from their rivals.• Ensuring high level of customer /supplier responds in real time while keeping costs low and streamlining its overall operations all add up to higher sales and profits that their competitors are unable to match.

• UPS is a leading global delivery network company in the world and benefits from the economies of scale by producing large volumes of output enabling them to spread their costs over more units of output.Survival• UPS survival is through their Information systems and technology customer service, supply chain, low costs and their supplier and employee relationship.• UPS maintains a good record management system with the use of special software. Dimensions of information systemsEncompass the understanding of the management and organisational as well as the technical dimensions of systems.


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