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Last updated: January 31, 2019

Upon return, I would like to expand my work experience in State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in development finance which focuses on small businesses and rural development. Personally, I believe that development is unthinkable where half of the population is marginalized. Women comprises almost half of the population of my country, but a high majority of the population that is living under poverty. Hence, empowering women alone can alleviate more than half of the poverty in Pakistan. Moreover, empowered women can empower their family and society. As Emeritus Professor Linda Scott of Oxford University’s Saïd Business School once said, “Women are economically disadvantaged in every country on the planet” and “women’s economic exclusion imposes a significant drag on world economies and societies.

” In developing and developed countries alike, women face obstacles to starting and managing a business, to accessing finance, to earning equal pay for equal work, and to owning land or other assets. Many countries maintain policies and regulations that advantage men while discriminating against women, often relegating them to the status of a legal minor unfortunately Pakistan is one of those countries. After having a glance at all the achievement of British Council Pakistan for women and girl empowerment, I feel strongly about women economic empowerment.

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Although policy making is the prerogative and responsibility of elective members of parliament in a country, bureaucracy plays a very crucial role in public policy, being an officer to the government institution, I have decided to contribute to this agenda by creating opportunities for dialogue to influence policies that benefit women and girls; Increasing access to finance and markets, Reducing gender-based barriers in the business environment; supporting business skills and financial capability trainings for women and confidence of women and girls to achieve their potential and have more influence over decisions that affect their lives. Furthermore. Going forward, based on my varied work experience and personal aspirations, Public Policy is a perfect fit for the kind of meaningful work I wish to do in my professional career.

This degree will also provide me with a solid foundation on which I could aspire to a PhD down the line.


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