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Last updated: February 17, 2020

UNSINKABLE Titanic is an epic romance film, which also contains certain historical and authentic aspects of the time it narrated. The film is released in 1997 and is directed, written and co- produced by James Cameron, also widely known as the director of Avatar.Based on the sinking of the passenger liner RMS Titanic in 1912,one of the most tragic historical events, Titanic focuses on the reinvestment of the past.

It achieved a great commercial success and broke the records of its time because of the factors like its original plot, cast, huge budget and its successful content. Titanic was indeed the most expensive one of its time with its estimated $200,000,000 budget, which paved the way for the reputation of the film as a blockbuster. In the opening weekend, it came to 2674 screens and was ahead of the box office lists in USA with $28, 638, 13. In total, it had a box office of $2,185,372,302 worldwide. It was nominatedfor 14 categories in Academy Awards and won 11 of them, including “The Best Director” and “The Best Actress(Kate Winslet)”.Although Titanic is regarded as a historical figure in American cinema, it is based on a fictional love story of the members with the different social classes but the story begins with a present day and the exploring of the shipwreck RMS Titanicin 1996 by Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) and its team for searching a diamond necklace named”Heart of the Ocean”.

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Afterfinding an old picture of a young naked woman wearing this necklace, an old woman named Rose Dawson Calvert (Gloria Stuart) calls the team and claims that she is the woman in the picture. She and her granddaughter come on the shipwreck and Rose Dawson begins to tell the story. Here, we are back to 1912.

A beautiful young upper-class woman, Rose (Kate Winslet), her fiancé Cal (Billy Zane) and her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater board Titanic. Rose has no control over her life as her mother wants her to marry Cal, a rich claimant, for she believes thatit will solve Bukaters’ financial problems. Daunted and depressed by her engagement, Rose becomes depressed and tries to commit suicide by jumping off the stern but Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio), a poor and homeless artist, saves her. When Cal sees them and learns that he has saved Rose, he invites Jack to the dinner. Here, Jack and Rose become good friends and later, Jack and Rose join a party in the third class quarter of the ship. Both Cal and Ruth are concerned about their relationship and forbid to see each other.

But Rose realizes her love and wants for Jack to draw her naked picture with “Heart of the Ocean”,


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