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Last updated: January 23, 2019

Unlike chocolate chip cookies or tomato soup, the invention of bread can’t be pinned down to a single person or people; instead, it evolved to its present state over the course of millennia.

Although the modern version of sliced bread is a fairly new invention (Wonder Bread began marketing the first sliced loaf of bread in 1930), bread itself is an ancient food with origins dating back more than 22,000 years.

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In 2004, at an excavation site called Ohalo II, in what is modern-day Israel, scientists found 22,000-year-old barley grains caught in a grinding stone: the first evidence of humans processing wild cereal grains. But these early “bread” creations were probably more like “flat cakes of ground seeds and grains heated on a rock, or in the embers of a fire,” than standard sandwich bread, Howard Miller, a food historian and professor at Lipscomb Universityin Nashville, Tennessee, told Live Science. Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel

Bread grains, the first plants to be domesticated, were first harvested in the wild by the Natufians. This Mesolithic group of hunter-gatherers lived in the Jordan River Valley region of the Middle East about 12,500 years ago.

“The Natufians are thought to be the first people to make the transition between survival purely on foods that you harvest from nature to becoming farmers who control all aspects of the food supply,” William Rubel, a food historian and author of “Bread: A Global History” (Reaktion Books, 2011), told Live Science. “The Natufians had the infrastructure


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