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Last updated: April 22, 2019

Unlike a few decades ago, more and more teenagers are now engaging in this dangerous act.

After learning of the harmful side effects which can even lead to death I was very curious and it prompted me to ask the question, “Why do people bleach?” In the collection of data on the ‘Bleaching Epidemic’ I encountered aplethora of challenges. Chief among these challenges while exploring this sensitive issue were(1) the noncompliance of some interviewees; (2) misinterpretations of questions asked; (3)unavailability of a suitable setting to carry out interviews and; (4) doubt of the researcher himself. The researcher has however triumphed over these obstacles and brings forward to the table valid information on the skin bleaching epidemic in Frome Technical High School. Theresearch was carried out on the ‘bleachers’ themselves in 4th to 6th Form.

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This research willexplains, among other things, four reasons underlying the teens’ decision to bleach, theproducts used, the side effects of bleaching and the influences.Contrary to the idea held by many, my research has shown that


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