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Last updated: December 6, 2019

United Nations International Children’s Fund, also know as UNICEF, is an organization that protects and defends the rights of children. After the year of 1950, UNICEF focused on improving the well-being of children who live in developing countries and in harsh conditions.

(Our History) “Nineteen years after its founding, UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on 26 October 1965 for fulfilling the condition of Nobel’s will, the promotion of brotherhood among the nations and emerging on the world stage as a peace-factor of great importance.” (Minori) For over 70 years, this association has been dedicated to ameliorate the lives of children and their families. They help victims of violence, poverty, war, natural disasters, exploitation, and individuals who are disabled. UNICEF has expanded a lot from the start in 1946 when they sent necessary essentials to the children of Europe who faced disease and poverty. “In 1982, UNICEF began the commencement of the Child Survival and Development Revolution which was based on four factors including immunization, breastfeeding, growth monitoring, and oral rehydration therapy.” (Our History). In 1990, a world summit was held and many government leaders came together fulfill the goals of helping children all over the world. Fast forward to the disaster last year in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean, UNICEF and its team jumped into action to provide clean water, food, healthcare, shelter, and protection.

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UNICEF provides the necessities to children all over the world who are struggling and living in perilous environments. They impact the world in various ways. For instance, the mortality rate of children went down tremendously, proper education was provided to all, areas which were hit hard with disasters were provided with lifesaving resources, and gender equality for women and girls were fought for. (What We Do) From the start of this organization, many projects have been created and helpful to the world. “A project such as UReport, is a SMS-based system launched by UNICEF Uganda in 2011 to let young people engage in their community by replying to the polls and exchange views on a variety of subjects.” (UReport connecting young people to government) They also opened up a counselling service in Zambia to provide information about HIV and AIDS. “Every hour, about three Zambian youth aged 15-24 years old get infected with HIV.

” (UReport providing counseling services on HIV and STIs). UNICEF believed that it is best for them to get information on testing, treatment, and prevention from HIV. RapidFTR is a system which lets families who have been in disasters reunite once being separated. It works by taking a photo of a child and has information about their separation then it is shared on a database for missing children. (RapidFTR) Last but not least, MobiStation is a solar-powered multimedia kit developed by UNICEF Uganda that provides education that can be accessed at any time of day. It focuses on problems in the education system and lets kids have a way to learn. (MobiStation) All in all, UNICEF has made a huge impact on the world from starting off as a supplier to making changes in peoples life


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