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Unit 633 Contribute to effective team workingHSC 633.1.1 Outline models of team working would include models who have or take on mutual accountability, who show commitment and conviction when proceeding with their work load.

Models must be able to solve problems and have technical functions. A small group of individual people who have specific tasks working together to achieved the main goal togetherHSC 633.1.2 Explain the process of team development.The first process of a team development is forming a the team, this is when a high degree of guidance is needed to be given from a higher managers or directors to Individuals in the team who at this point are unclear of their roles, goals and working methods are being established. The second step would be to make the purpose of the team clear, understand how to make team decisions when working together. The team relationship may still be a little blurry as everyone is still adjusting.The third step in the team would be for the individuals to show commitment to their team goal.

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At this point the team is improving with their workload and relations are well understood Finally, step is that the team is preforming well with little over sight. the team is showing commitment and focusing on being strategic to meet their purpose.HSC 633.1.3 Analyse how shared goals can lead to team cohesion. Shared goals are important when team working as everyone should know their goals and what they are working to. For example, I’m a personal assistant I need to know my role, the impact it has and why it is important.

Whether this is to pass on as information or to show different working methods to help new PA with their training or any work-related enquiry. if you don’t do your workload correctly the team is effective and other member may need to do more work to meet required targets.HSC 633.2.1 Explain why teams need: • clear objectives • clearly defined roles and responsibilities – meaning team member need to know their own and colleague’s role and responsibilities. Having clear objectives stop team member from getting confused or agitated with their work load. Unclear objective can cause confusing among staff and others, delaying any progressClearly knowing what to do helps you to do your job and pass on relevant information to help the team.

If the team understand their role and responsibilities this limits any conflict that may surface.• trust and accountability – team member needs to trust each other to do their job, so the whole team can get on with their work load and not over think on what other may be doing. Accountability means taking on responsibility for whatever you have done or may be in the processes of doing.

Accountability can go 2 ways. if you not doing your job correctly, you are accountable for this and this could lead to a disciplinary however if you have done a great job on representing yourself and the team this could lead to a promotion.• confidentiality – team need confidentiality as it is an important part in a team and health care. its purpose is to enforce a limit on the amount of personal information that they can shared with each other, this could be vital for the success of the team.• effective communication – all members of the team must have effective communication as all member must be able to voice their opinion/ mindset to contribute to the team.

Effective communication can resolve conflicts and help prevent conflicts within the team. Team leader must be able to communicate effectively to direct the team members • conflict resolution – resolving conflicts is important within a team to keep it running smoothly. This can take place in meeting to resolve any problem that may be occurring or done privately to keep matters confidential. Resolving conflict is only done with effective communication via understanding and listening to both views.HSC 633.2.2 Explain why mutual respect and support promotes effective teamwork.

Mutual respect and support within a team promotes a healthy working environment and teamwork, as team members feel wanted and valued. this encourages them to help more within the team where they can. This will help the team reach their goals. HSC 633.2.

3 Explain how the values of own organisation influences the working of your team.Morals are important in teamwork it promote a healthy working environment. When the company treats the team well and knowledges what the team’s role is for the company. The team feels valued.

Companies that look after its team and team member will have better results in reaching their goals.HSC 633.2.4 Explain how teams manage change.Teams can manage change in many ways. New member of the team can unbalance the team or unsettle the previous members. New heads of the team can or may bring new ideas to replace old ones even if the old ideas were working well. The best way to manage change effectively is to have good communication and an open explanation where questions are answered on why the change is happening.

Make sure everyone is involved and has their say.HSC 633.2.5 Explain the benefits of effective team performance. the benefits of effective team performance is knowing staff member can work together as one unit leads to better function and progress within the team and company. this benefits everyone within communication of the team and company increasing progress towards work goals. To achieve this is it important to maintain and perform effective communication methods within the team and company HSC 633.3.

1 Identify own role and responsibility in the team/ HSC 633.3.2 Fulfil own responsibilities within the teamMy role and responsibilities in a team involve providing care to the client I am assigned to by my Care Service Manager. I have a role to assist with personal hygiene, washing and dressing, handling food, disposing waste. I am responsible to complete my work load and daily tasks correctly and to make sure all hazards or mishaps are reported and recorded to the head office.My responsibilities involve safeguarding the client, making sure the environment is clean, safe and well ventilated. To promote independence as much as possible.

To encourage client to stay mentally active promoting a health mind/living bearing in mind the company policies and procedures. I make sure the daily record is completed, to report any issues to head office to be logged. HSC 633.

3.3 Communicate effectively with team members.Here are few ways I communicate effectively with team members. I speak clearly and promote two-way feedback upon training and handover. I email travel department to get my travel tickets 2 weeks before assignment date as required.

When speaking I display confidence and have a sense of seriousness when it come work related communication. At times I use simple words if the team member has difficulty understanding anything.HSC 633.3.4 Involve other team members in Decision Making.To have a smooth communication within a team.

When making decisions it is important to ask team members for their opinions and suggestions. Once all in and everyone is included, come to a joint respected decision. If it’s a medical based decision you must involve team management membersHSC 633.3.5 Seek support and advice from others.

If I need to seek support or guidance, I can seek advise from my care service manger who is very caring and understanding towards her PA`s. this allows me to ask for help as the CSM has a approachable professional atmosphere. If the CSM is unavailable, the company head office is more than happy to comply with any enquiries. HSC 633.3.7 Explain lines of reporting and responsibility in the team.

If I have any work-related concerns regarding my job role or need to report any concerns regarding my client, I can. As it is my responsibility to do so, to my supervisor who then if can resolve my concern, if not the supervisor can seek further advise from higher management to resolve and record the concern as they have, they responsibility of dealing with reports, making sure the team is functioning correctlyHSC 633.3.8 Analyse the strengths and contributions of other team members to the work of the team.By recognising the strengths of the experienced and professional members of the team can contribute by sharing their experience and knowledge, from my experience I have come across many carers from different backgrounds with different nature and methods of experience in the field of care. As a team we can take the experience and knowledge we need and adjust it to benefit each other.HSC 633.4.

1 Provide encouragement and support to individual team members within their roles.We all need and support and encouragement, I have previously required support and encouragement when I started care 9 years ago. So, I know the importance of it and how it makes one feel better and comfortable with their work load.HSC 633.4.

2 Provide constructive feedback on performance to individual team members.I can give feedback in a positive way to other personal assistant and do as when needed to by talking and explaining to them different methods of approaching when dealing with a situation. I cannot give feedback on management level as it not my position to do so.HSC 633.5.1 Reflect on own performance in working as part of a team.I reflect my own work practise and performance when team working, I seek ways to better myself and assist the new or less experience members in managing their routine or job role, in a day to day work environment as this will correct their performance and work skill this will gain their confidence in their line of work as well as mine.HSC 633.5.3 Contribute to the development of continuous improvement within the work of the team.I Contribute to the development of continuous improvement within the work of the team by suggesting different methods of working safely and correctly in a health care environment, I state my point of view when require to do so, as well as taking on other members ideas and suggestions to improve myself when managing my workload.


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