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Last updated: October 3, 2019

Unit 6 Help Improve Own and Team Practice in SchoolsLearning Outcome 2 – Be able to Improve own PracticeYou should have an appraisal with your supervisor using the attached appraisal form. This will cover all of learning outcome 2.

(2.1,2.3,2.4,2.5,2.6) (It will also cover 1.4)Learning Outcome 2 Be able to improve Own Practice2.

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2 Describe the importance of continuing professional development.As times change, teachers and assistants must keep up-to-date with the latest and most recent practices. Keeping up-to-date ensures the information you pass on to children is within the most recent teaching guidelines and is still relevant to the world at that moment.

On a personal level, continuing your professional development and gaining more experience opens up an opportunity for you to be able to teach other less-experienced staff how to do things in the workplace. As you gain experience, your confidence will grow and you will become able to take on more roles and responsibilities at work. This gives the chance for promotion and to take your career further.

As well as you teaching others, other members of staff can teach you too. You can constantly be picking up new skills and methods of teaching that you can put into practice.Learning Outcome 3 Understand the Work of the Team3.1 Describe why team work is important in schools.Building a working relationship with other staff is vital and is a huge part of any team getting anything done. Working in teams allows staff to work closely with staff from other departments and helps them pick up things that another member of staff does in one class that could benefit children in your own class. Teachers often have different expertise and by working with teachers of different expertise you can expect to pick up knowledge of your own in that field.

As well as this, if a child sees their teachers working collaboratively it shows them how they are expected to work in a group, setting a good example. The parents of a child also must work as a team with the teachers in order to ensure good practice is also kept at home such as completing homework.3.2 Describe the purpose and objectives of the team in which you work.In the class team at my school we have four members including me. I work closely with the class teacher, a HLTA and the EAL leader. We have a disruptive EAL child in the class.

As a team we work together to bring his spoken English up to speed and also his knowledge up to the standard of a year 5. In order to accomplish this the child has his own level of work set and plans in place in case he starts to disrupt the class. He is allowed 10-15 minutes outside of the classroom to calm down before being invited to re-join the class. At my school we have two classes in each year so the two class teachers must communicate on where they are in a topic and how each child is doing individually. The two class staff teams meet every week, a meeting I also attend. I have also accompanied the children on a trip where I have had to work with the other teachers there in order to maximise child safety and avoid a child hurting themselves or getting lost. 3.

3 Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the teamAs the teaching assistant my job is to work with small targeted groups of children to aid them with a task they may find tricky and are struggling to complete. I also keep feedback to the class teacher on this group. 2 days a week a HLTA will also work in the class with me and the class teacher and her main job is working with children 1 to 1. As well as this, the HLTA specialises in putting up displays and most photocopying laminating jobs. Children with English as a second language will go, for the morning, with the EAL leader and she will spend that time coaching the children’s fluency in English.

She will also feedback to the class teacher. The teachers job is to organise all teaching and resources and also stand in front of the class and deliver it. Also, the teacher will take up board all this feedback and prepare plans for all the children affected by the other staff.3.4 Describe the importance of respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners.

All staff have different skills and a reason for being employed. Respecting a staff member’s skills can lead to you being able to learn from them and improve your own practice accordingly. Also, this respect for each other sets an example for the children on how to respect each other.

If each member of staff’s skills isn’t respected this could lead to other members of staff thinking they can lead this area. This could negatively affect the child both academically and physically. For example, if a speech and language therapist has asked a child to do a certain exercise and then a regular class teacher tells them to do it a different way it could damage the muscles or stunt growth.


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