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Last updated: November 10, 2019

Unit 2 Explain the difference between the private sector, public sector and voluntary sector.The private sector is a culmination of businesses that are part of the national economy but do not come under direct state control, although these companies are not under direct state control some may decide to work for a government body as a public-private partnership to deliver a service to communities.Unlike the private sector the public sector is a group of organisations funded by the government through a variety of methods such as taxes. A few examples of organisations in the public sector would be the fire brigade, the police force, schools, health care just to name a few.The voluntary sector is much like the private sector in the fact that the money used is invested by external parties, the money raised or earned by these organisations is often used to help and improve the local community, to help those in need or is invested back into the organisation.Explain the functions of different organisational structures.


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