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Unit 2 Assignment 1IntroductionIn this assignment I will be researching the documentation Tesco uses when recruiting new staff members, and then examining all the skills that are required for the role that I am wanting to apply for and comparing then against skills of my own. I will then be discussing hoe employability; personal and communication skills can benefit the organization that I have chosen. Lastly, I will be researching and documenting the physical and technological resources used by the business. Outline stages of recruitment process’A recruitment process is an organization-specific model of candidate sourcing for the purpose of finding and hiring new employees. Typically, the ownership of the recruitment process resides within the Human Resources function, although companies also use third-party recruiting firms'(1) The Tesco’s recruitment process starts with the application process where you create an online profile, and them follow up by uploading your current CV and an optional cover letter. There is then a short equal opportunity form that you can fill in although this one is entirely optional.

Your CV, skills and experience will then all be considered, and you will then be contacted about the outcome of your application. There is then a telephone interview where you will be asked to elaborate on your experience and will go more in depth about the job role and this will last around 30 minutes. If you are successful after the phone interview, you will then be asked to attend a formal interview where the company will want to find out more about you and therefore will ask a series of behavioural and technical questions based on your skills and experience. After the interview while in the assessment centre you will be asked to perform a series of tasks and activities that are relevant to your job role that you have applied for to prove that you have the necessary skills required. You will then do some online testing which is, so Tesco can learn more about you as a person and what type of work would be best suited to you and how that you prefer to work.

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Within the next few days Tesco will confirm the outcome of your application and will contact you to let you know the result and if successful they will let you know what happens next. Lastly Tesco will now do some final pre-employment checks, this may include a check of your criminal record and that you are eligible to work in the UK.Recruitment documentationTesco require a few forms of documents to be able to apply for a job within the organisation. Firstly, they need a CV which is a curriculum vitae is a short account of one’s career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position. Then they also want a cover letter from their applicants which is a letter sent with, and explaining the contents of, another document or a parcel of goods. They also require a few online tests and questionnaire to be filled out although some are optional, and some are required to be filled out.Employability, personal and communication skills required for job role as a store managerCommunication-Every employee comes into the work place with their own context, a mixture of culture, memories, upbringing, and experiences, that they have collected.

Part of the role of a manager is to create a shared vision that will be shared by the entire team. Make sure employees understand the big picture and how they exactly fit in. Constantly communicate with staff and let them know why what they are doing is important to the business plan: why the plan is important, the role your team plays, and the critical role individual employees play (setting the context). A manager needs the simple ability to repeat as some may say they sent out an e-mail or have told the employee once although repeating things will make the information’s sink in faster and therefore be more solidified. Research shows that we need to hear something repeated a few times before we get it. A good manager will create dialogue and check the recipient understands it as it is pointless telling an employee something that they will not understand. To make your communication effective, you need to learn what’s working well, what’s not, and most importantly, how things can be better. This includes listening to the voice and opinion of your employees as they could have some great ideas or constructive criticisms.

As you communicate, think about what actions you’re trying to drive. Your communications should help move your audience to action. What do you want employees to do because of your communication? Clearly communicate the actions you want them to take. Be specific and give examples. Without a call-to-action, your message is just information.Personal-Interpretation skills- Management is essentially a people job and being able to build successful relationships is extremely important. You need to know how to effectively deal with people. Setting time aside to get to know your team members on both a personal and professional level would go a very long way in doing this.

You need to demonstrate your managerial qualities and authority while maintaining the ability to play your part as a member of a team.Motivation- a good manager needs to be able to motivate his or her staff to do all the set tasks to the best of their ability and therefore working efficiently while maintaining a high standard and quality of product/service. Organisation and delegation- On a day-to-day basis a manager must juggle multiple responsibilities so excellent organisational skills are vital.

Many managers ease their own busy workload by delegating tasks to colleagues. To do this effectively you need to analyse and identify the skills of your employees and assign duties to each depending on their skillset. Delegation is far from a sign of weakness and can in fact multiply the amount of work that a manager can accomplish, while developing an employee’s confidence and skills.Other- other key personal skills that a manger would need could be the ability to forward plan and have a strategic way of thinking, be good at problem solving and be able to make decision no matter how big or small, they may also need a certain amount of commercial awareness, and a spot of mentoring skills with their employees wouldn’t go a miss.Employability skills–communication skills-interpersonal skills-critical thinking skills-personal development-presentation skills-leadership-numeracy (number skills)-digital skillsDescribe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of TescoPhysical resourcesPhysical resources are what a business needs to be able to operate and carry out all its work. If a business does not have any physical resources, it would not be able to pay all its running costs and the business will not be able to recruit any employees. The physical resources can be broken down into many different sub-categories, and some of these are; buildings and facilities, materials and waste, plant and machinery, equipment including IT, planned maintenance and refurbishment, insurance, security and lastly emergency provision. Buildings and facilitiesTesco uses a wide range of buildings and facilities to make sure that the business runs smooth and efficient.

They need to make sure that they have enough buildings to be able to cover all the different requirements that the business has, for example they will need many warehouses to be able to store excess stock and it needs to be safe, secure and kept in the proper conditions, so the business doesn’t lose valuable resources. Their stores will need to be placed strategically as they will want to be in a busy place that lots of people will either walk or drive past so they will need to get a heavy footfall, although they need the store to be in a secure location as they are making lots of transactions through selling goods and service on to their customers. Tesco may also have facilities that produce their own products such as a factory as this would dramatically cut the costs of the business. All these need to e in the correct place though for example, the stores want to be easily accessible to the public, but the warehouses want to be hidden out of the way from the public.Materials and wasteTesco will need to make sure that all their stores have the right amount of their products in the store to be able to keep up with demand of the customers that are buying the products. Although they need to keep a fair number of products in the store they can’t overfill the store with products as some may be perishable goods, therefore if the products are not sold in good time they will deteriorate and become un-sellable, therefore Tesco will have to throw out products resulting in loosing profits.

Tesco also store raw material in their warehouses which are used in the production of the company’s goods. Although nit is good to have a large supply of back-up raw materials in the warehouses some may deteriorate over time and therefore not be usable, and then the more that they keep in storage the more money it will costs the organisation as they may have to use bigger premises that cost more than the smaller ones. The raw materials should be stored in a uniformed and easily accessible manor, therefore been able to turn the raw materials into products to be sold at a much faster rate. Tesco may also decide to reduce the amount that they spend and switch to using some renewable resources, by doing this they will also gain a good company reputation as they are helping the environment and because they are renewable the amount of waste that the company has will dramatically decrease. Another way that Tesco could reduce the amount of waste that the company currently has is by giving their employees less resources to work with in the first place and by doing this the employees will start to make the best out of what they have already got. By giving the employees less resources, the waste levels will fall massively although the quality may dip at the same time.

Although Tesco can reduce their waste they can’t fully cut it out, as it would be near impossible to have absolutely no waste at all, so seeking advice from the government on what the best way that they could get rid of their remaining waste would be a good idea.Plant and machinery Tesco will need to make sure that they have plants and factories so that they have a specific place to be able to produce the products that the company needs. Due to the company having their own brand products they will need to have the correct machinery to produce the company’s products and they will also need machinery to produce the packaging and labelling for their own brand products. The company may have to lease the machines that are needed for producing their products as it is more cost effective in the short term as it is expensive to buy all the machinery, although if they are planning on keeping the machinery for a long time they would be best off just purchasing the machinery as it would work out been more cost effective in the long term. There are also a lot of machinery that the company needs, this includes things such as motorised vehicles that will be needed to transport things around the warehouse, or from the warehouses to the stores.Equipment including ITTesco will need to make sure that in their corporate offices that they have equipment for all their employees to use, this equipment will include the office basic equipment such as; computer, paper, pens, tables and chairs, etc..

. these are the things that will be needed for the basic operations of the business although some things such as servers may be needed within the offices as well to make sure that all the employees are able to store their work on one shared database. The organisation may also need specialist software that applies to their operations to make sure that the employees are able to conduct their work.Planned maintenance and refurbishmentTesco will need to make sure that they supervise the people responsible for the use of machinery; their machinery will need to be regularly maintained to make sure that they are safe to use and to prevent them from breaking down. Tesco may decide to refurbish their facilities to make sure that the workplace keeps the employees feeling comfortable. Also, their stores may also be refurbished in order to make their customers feel welcomed by the business, and this can encourage them to purchase the products that Tesco are currently selling.Emergency provisionTesco will need to make sure that they give priority to all their customers when they are stuck in a bad condition.

Tesco will need to make sure that they have provisions drawn up to tell their employees what to do when there is an emergency when on shift in the workplace. To make sure these provisions work they will also need to make sure that they regularly do practice drills otherwise the employees may fail when such an emergency happens. Tesco will need to provide fire exits to the employees, customers and other people that are currently in the area. Tesco needs to make sure that they check their equipment to ensure that it is safe and working properly, they will also need to provide their stores with fire extinguishers that are accessible to both employees and customers in the case of a fire. The employees need to make sure that any event of an emergency happening or being likely to happen needs to be reported to the employers. InsuranceTesco will need to make sure that they insure everything that they possibly can. They will first need to make sure that their buildings are insured because they are the most expensive assets that the business will have, all buildings will need insurance, including the stores, the offices and the warehouses.

Tesco will also need to make sure that their vehicles and equipment are insured as they could become expensive if they break or need repairing. If Tesco didn’t have insurance, then they will be at risk of losing a large amount of cash value. Tesco will also need to make sure that their employees are insured against un-expectantly losing their job. Tesco have a large amount of resources that they need to insure such as buildings, machinery and their staff. Tesco will have to make sure that they have employers’ liability insurance because they need to have this to follow the law, this will cover things in the workplace, such as accidental death or injuries at work. Public liability insurance must be received by the employers at the Tesco organisation in order to cover the costs that will have to be paid out if the public have either been injured or have damaged their property due to the actions that the business or employees have made.SecurityThe buildings that Tesco owns need to be secured 24 hours a day and probably 7 days a week. Some of the Tesco buildings may choose to employ full-time security staff to keep a patrol of the building to protect against vandalism or people that are trying to steal the products inside the building.

At the Tesco warehouses some of the security staff that are employed may decide to have dog patrols that are specifically trained to stop trespassers. Tesco will need to make sure that they secure their assets. They will need alarms and cameras to keep surveillance on the buildings. Tesco need to make sure that they have people employed to survey these cameras.

For example, they may have a member of security sitting watching the cameras so that they can see the whole building while the other members of the security staff will be patrolling the building. There are also a few well-known schemes that Tesco can contact to seek advice on their security measures.Technological ResourcesThe technological resources are things such as computer hardware, they are also other things such as computer monitors, modems and various routers. The technological resources go way beyond this though, tech resources include things such as software, music and text.

all of these resources need to be manged carefully. There are four main areas that the resources can be allocated in. These types of technological resources are; intellectual properties, accumulated experience and skills, software licenses and lastly protection via patents and copyright.Intellectual property The intellectual property rights are what allow the people to have their ideas heard within an organisation on what they think about the business and how it can improve or change for the better.

There are five different types of intellectual property, and they are. The designs cover the decorations of the products and the features it may have. The drawings cover the designing of the product. The text covers the font styles and the font size, and the data that is written. The music covers the use of the music such as whether it is available to be reused or can only be used once. The video covers the use of the video clips and the protection against it being reused. Tesco will use intellectual property to make sure that everyone within the business gets their ideas heard, this way the business will be able to adjust their operations to make sure that first, all the employees are kept satisfied and are happy, secondly that all the sales will be rising and finally that the customers feel comfortable with the changes.

They will need to make sure that only certain people can use these ideas and what they can only be used.Accumulated experience and skillsThis is the experience and skills that the employees and/or employers have gained over the years that they have work for the company/organisation. Employees with more experience are likely to better than new employees. Therefore, these employees may have special conditions to work in or have a better rate of pay. Tesco will try to make sure that their employees are kept for as long as they are still making a good effort to help the business make profit. They will want to make sure that they train the employees, so they can operate the different parts of the business.

Tesco like to have experienced employees because they can do the work more efficiently than other newer, younger and less experienced employees. The business will also make sure they have enough employees trained to do the different jobs. Software licensesTesco will use software licences to do stock checks, Tesco will do stock checks to make sure that all the stock they should have in the store in there because if not some of the stock have been broken or stolen then sold illegally outside of the store by a thief. Tesco will have to invest their money in specialist software that they can use in their corporate offices and from that they can work more efficiently, they will also be able to get teams to work together more compliant with this software. Tesco may have to buy software licences for things such as Word from Microsoft as this is a popular choice for many businesses, as it is cheap and easy to use.Protection via patents and copyrightBusinesses can use legislation to protect them, but they will have to prove that their idea has been used unlawfully.

Businesses can use a patent and get their work/ideas patented to stop other people from using it as it is not legally classed as their work and nobody else’s. Tesco can use a patent to stop people or other businesses copying their line of work and to do this they will first need to register any ideas they have with the UK Intellectual Property Office.


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