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Last updated: April 18, 2019

Unit 1.3: Support physical care routines for children
1. Understand the physical care needs of children.

1.1. Explain the role of the Early Years practitioner during:
nappy changing
toilet training
washing and bath time
care of skin, teeth and hair
meal times.

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1.2. Identify situations in which non-routine physical care is required.
1.3. Describe benefits of working in partnership with parents/carers in relation to individual physical care routines.

3. Understand rest and sleep needs of children

3.1. Explain the rest and sleep needs of:
• a baby aged 6 weeks
• a baby aged 7 months
• a toddler aged 15 months
• a child aged 2 and a half years
• a child aged 4 – 5 years
• a child aged 6 – 7 years.

3.2. Explain safety precautions which minimise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

4. Understand childhood immunisation.
4.1. Outline the reasons for immunisation.
4.2. Identify the immunisation schedule
4.3. Explain the reasons why some children are not immunised.


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