Topic: HistoryUnited States

Last updated: January 23, 2020

Unfortunately, mass shootings have become a unpleasant trend. Not only has it become a national trend but it seems to be on the rise. Media coverage on mass shootings are giving the perception that they are becoming the new normal. Movie theaters, Malls, clubs , and even schools are just a few places that are victim to gun violence from a mass shooter. When mass shootings are covered by the news in today’s society no one is surprised or shocked that such an event has occurred. The concept of innocent people being killed for no reason is enough for most people in the United States to stand up and make a change. Sadly, there seems to be not enough people willing to stand against due to specific solutions, particularly gun control. Easy gun access in America makes mass shootings such a easy task for a insane person to pull off. Also many young teenagers and adults are for some odd reason are being inspired or enlightened to copy off other mass shooters. Media coverage on mass shootings have made shooters internationally famous.


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