Understanding this the organization realized it needed to have any kind of effect, so hurried into making a new personality by going into partnership with Microsoft in February 2011.
On the declaration of the partnership, Stephen Elop makes reference to that the two organizations would make the third innovative environment in the cell phone market, which will outperform Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android technology (“Nokia and Microsoft” 2011). Having lost a portion of its loyal clients, Nokia needed to construct extraordinary

products with particular promoting methodology with the end goal to contend with its adversaries and

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recapture its market share. The products that the organization wager on to construct its picture in the cell phone industry and recover its clients are Lumia cell phones, these gadgets are running Windows programming. The items acquired with the European market without precedent for November 2011, 10 months after the association was reported (Weber, 2011). On the worldwide scene Lumia cell phones could accomplish just 3% market share of the overall industry between April and June 2012 as per an examination by Canalys (“UPDATE 1-Samsung” 2011). Toward the finish of 2012 Nokia market share of the overall industry in the cell phone market was around 16% making it the third cell phone maker in Europe after Samsung and Apple. Two years after the association, Nokia did not recover its lost ground in the cell phone market. In a quickly developing industry, time is an extremely costly resource, as each organization needs to have the most innovative technologies and products before its opponents. Nokia needed to enter the market as quickly as time permits with its new products with the end goal to recover a portion of its clients. Anyway this may have prompted wrong creating and execution of advertising system. In April 2012 for the subject Timo Rothovius, Chairman of the Finnish Shareholders Union, says for Routers US:


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