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UJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, AhmedabadAffiliated VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AProject Report On (Social Helpline)Under subject of DESIGN ENGINEERING -2A B. E. Semester – V (COMPUTER ENGINEERING BRANCH) Submitted by:Group:17021Sr. Name of Student Enrollment No Deep Patel 160800107056 Darpan Patel 160800107054 Jamal Muhammadsahal 150800107018 Prof.

Dimple Kanani(Faculty Guide) Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod (Head of the Department)Academic Year (2018-19) COMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT2018-2019CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project entitled Social Helpline has been carried out by Deep Patel (160800107056), Darpan Patel (1608000107054), Jamal Muhhamadsahal (150800107018) under my guidance in fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering 5th semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2018. Date: Place: Guided By: Head of Department:Prof.

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Dimple Kanani Prof.Ajaysinh RathodACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is always a pleasure to remind the experts in the engineering workshop for their sincere guidance which I received to hold my practical as well as theoretical skills in engineering. I am thankful to our H.O.D Ajaysinh Rathod and our regarding all faculties for giving me an opportunity to enhance my skills as an engineer by allowing us to join this esteemed organization as training. I would also like to thank Our Internal Guide Prof.

Dimple Kanani who helped us in getting our project. It gives me immense pleasure in expressing our deep sense of gratitude whom our successfully complete our project in their department. I also thankful our all supporting faculty will help to create 3rd year, DESIGN ENGINEERING project by sharing their knowledge. They helped us in all possible ways to solve our doubts regarding application and implementation of knowledge. It has been a great experience to work under their supervision as always kept my moral high. Finally, I apologize all other unnamed who helped me in various ways to have a safe and good training. ABSTRACTSocial Helpline In routine life people are facing many daily utility problems, especially in rainy days “Road Pit” is the most problematic thing.

So, by using this site people can share their problems by just uploading a picture of damaged road along with the area name. The purpose of our project is to facilitate people to launch a Complain being at home or anywhere. Our project will save their time to pass on the complaints to concern authorities and that to with full comfort. Physically handicapped and senior citizen can also forward their complains without any difficulty. People don’t have to go especially at government offices and thus they can avoid waiting in a long queue. Our system works round the clock without any stoppage or intervention. It will increase overall number of Actual complain reporting. INDEXNo.

Title Page no.INTRODUCTION1AEIOU CANVAS12.1Activity2.2Environment2.3Interaction2.4Objectives 2.5UsersEMPTHY MAPPING CANVAS3UsersStakeholdersActivityStory Boarding IDEATION CANVAS6 4.1People4.

2Situation/Context/Location 4.3Props/Possible Solution4.4Activites5.MIND MAPPING CANVAS 86.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS 86.1Purpose6.2People6.3Product Functions6.4Product Features 6.5Components 6.

6Customer Revalidation 6.7Reject/Redesign 7.LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX 7.

1Purpose/Product Concept 7.2Tools/Methods 7.3Software 7.4Applicable Standards and design specifications 7.5Components 10 8.PROTOTYPE MODEL 13 9.FUTURE ENHANCEMENT1410.CONCLUSION 1411.


1AEIOU Canvas33.1.1Empathy Mapping Canvas 54.

1.1Ideation Canvas 75.1.1Mind Mapping Canvas 86.1.1Product Development Canvas 107.

1.1 Learning Needs Matrix 128.1.1 Prototype 13 1. INTRODUCTION Social HelplineGone are the days of long registration queues and paper forms to sign up for an endurance event. An increasing number of event directors from both large and small events are embracing online registration services as an added-value for both them and their participants.

Online registration not only improves efficiencies and eliminates unnecessary paperwork; it also maximizes participation and improves marketing capabilities while allowing participants to sign up when and where it is most convenient for them from any Internet-enabled computer. 2. A-E-I-O-U Summary: 2.1ACTIVITYVisit a SocietyPeople were discussing People were tensed Children were playing Vendors were selling food items There were road pits Some people facing problem due to road pit Waste water store Children were riding cycles 2.2 Environment Police Station MunicipalityCorporation Swachh Bharat Campaign Ruling Party Opposition Party Home 2.3InteractionCitizen to Government workersUser to SystemCitizen to Word Officer Citizens to CorporateCitizen to Citizen 2.

4Objects Houses Vehicles Complex Shops Society Board Gate 2.5 Users Executive Common People Secretory of Society Goverment Officers GEB Officers 2.1.1 AEIOU CANVAS3. EMPATHY MAPPING CANVAS:Describes:This exercise allow us to better analyze the desires and needs of the users like senior citizens and in the process uncover previously unseen or noticed way to improve a service.

It’s very simplistic way to identify and reduce the potential hurdles; we are better able to please our website’s users. 3.1 USERCommon PeopleSecretory of SocietyGovernment OfficersGEB OfficersCleaning Officers3.2 STAKEHOLDERS Common People Government Officers Government Employees Secretory of Society 3.

3 ACTIVITIESVisited a Society People were discussing Children were playing People facing problem of Road pit Some vendors were selling food items Discussing about electricity problems Senior citizens were in park People were tensed Children were riding on bicycle3.4 Story BoardingHappy: In my society there was very huge problem of stored waste water during rainy season, but nobody have that much time to go to government offices and complain about it , Hence, I used government site to register my complain and within 20 days I got the solution and now the problem is solved permanently.Happy:In our area there is a road, which has road pits. Because of this everybody who passes through the road faces the problems and there is also a huge risk of an accident.

But nobody was ready to go to Government Office and complain about it, but someone took the photo of that road pit and uploaded it to Government Site and registered complain and received positive response from Government and road pit problem is solved now.Sad:My uncle lives in village and he is unqualified. So when any type of problem occurs he has to go to various government offices to register the complaint. He doesn’t know how to operate smartphone and computer. Hence, he is not able to use Government Website.

Sad:My cousin lives in village, there are lot of problems which they face on routine bases. They can’t go every time to government offices for each and every problem which they face. My cousin is aware about operation of smartphone, tablet and computer, but usually they face frequent network problem in villages and due to which they face problems with their internet connectivity.

My cousin knows how to complain online but not able to do so because of no internet connection.3.1.

1 Empathy Mapping Canvas4. IDEATION CANVAS: Describes:An Ideation Canvas is rough whiteboard where ideas can be stretched into any limits or dimensions. The Ideation Canvas sheet includes: 4.

1 People:Common PeopleExecutiveSecretory of SocietyGovernment OfficersOpposition PartySenior CitizenGovernment Workers4.2 Activities:Waste water storedVisited a Society People were discussing about the electricity problem Children were playing 4.3Situation / context/Location: Rainy Season Curfew FloodsRed alert due to TerroristsPolice StationsHomeSocietyOffice4.4 Props / possible solutionsLess time consumptionEasy to operateUsed at any timeUsed at any placeResolves problem of standing in QueueEasy Available4.

1.1 Ideation Canvas 5. MIND MAPPING CANVAS: 5.1.1 Mind Mapping Canvas 6. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVASDescription: -Production canvas is the over view of the product we are making.

In this we will start building a structure of our product around the need of the users. It is a strategic product planning tool that allows us to quickly capture, describes, and pivot our product strategy on a single page.6.1 PURPOSE: The major purpose of our product is: – After doing exercise of ideation canvas and mind mapping canvas. Now this is the correct time to recognize problem and adopt most possible ways to solve the problems here we have mentioned purpose of our product, functions, features, revalidation, and product experience. 6.1 PURPOSE To save time For Faster response on problems Highlights the basic problems To provide a single platform for various problems For people’s convenience 6.

2 Product experienceSave timeComplain about different problems by one siteCan complain from home6.3Product function &FeaturesTime SavingCan be use anytimeCan be use anywhereNo age restrictionReduce inconvenience6.4 ComponentHTMLKeyboardMouseComputerMonitorCPUALUCU6.5 Reject, Redesign, And Retain:Redesign:Some bug fixesOptimizedAdded one compulsory fieldManual (Tutorial) Retain:-Providing one website for various problems6.

1.1 Product Development Canvas7. Learning Needs Matrix:7.1 Purpose/Product Concept:In Routine life there are many problems which is faced by people like Electricity problems, Road pits,etc.But People are not complaining because this procedure take lot of time and they have to go to government offices several times.

So by using this website people can complain from anywhere and at any time.7.2 Tools/Methods: Log in Procedure Input Procedure7.3 Software:HTMLWeb browser7.4 Applicable standards and design specifications: Correct pin code should available Correct city should available City and pin code should match7.

5 Components: ComputerInternet Connection 7.1.1 LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX8. PROTOTYPE: 8.1.1 Prototype Model 9. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT Our system will be helpful to make India an “advanced country”, to be a “modern country”, to facilitate individual “A common man” to perform sufficient and efficient work to migrate towards high society. It is made for a faster work and developed as a technologically fasters and enhanced features.

10. CONCLUSION The purpose of our project is to facilitate people to launch a Complain being at home or anywhere. Our project will save their time to pass on the complaints to concern authorities and that to with full comfort. Physically handicapped and senior citizen can also forward their complains without any difficulty. People don’t have to go especially at government offices and thus they can avoid waiting in a long queue. Our system works round the clock without any stoppage or intervention. It will increase overall number of Actual complain reporting.



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