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TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGEKHHM2704 FOOD PREPARATION II (PRACTICUM)TOPIC: FOOD AND DRINKPrepared by:Student’s name ID Student Signature Liew Hai Xin 17AHD04094 Prepared for:Ms. Noor Hana Bt Mat DaimSubmission date: 27/7/2018 Submission time:LECTURER FEEDBACK:LECTURE’S SIGNATURE: TIME CHECKED:DATE:COURSEWORK DECLARATIONProgramme/ Year/ Semester : DHT3 Y2S1Course Code & Title : KHHM2704 FOOD PREPARATION II (Practicum)I confirm that I have read and shall comply with all the terms and condition of TAR University College’s plagiarism policy.I declare that this assignment is free from all forms of plagiarism and for all intents and purposes is my own properly derived work.

I further confirm that the same work, where appropriate, has been verified by a plagiarism software Turnitin.I agreed to the coursework marks that been given by the lecturer-in-charge are fair and unbiased.Signature:Name: Liew Hai XinDate: 27 July 2018PLAGIARISM REPORT – TURNITIN PERCENTAGEMARKING RUBRICSTABLE OF CONTENTNO. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGEI COURSEWORK DECLARATION 1II PLAGIARISM REPORT – TURNITIN PERCENTAGE 2III MARKING RUBRICS 3IV TABLE OF CONTENT 4V QUESTION 51. What do you usually eat for breakfast? 52. What do you often eat for lunch? 53. What do you often eat for dinner? 64. What kind of food can you cook? Are you a good cook? 65.

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What is your favourite drink? 76. What are you going to eat after class? 77. Are you hungry now? Why? / Why not? 88.

What is the strangest food you have ever eaten? 89. Would you like to be a farmer and grow food? Why? / Why not? 910. How was food different 100 years ago? 911. Do you like spicy food? Why? / Why not? 1012. Describe some famous foods in your country? 1013.

What kinds of food DON’T you like? 1114. Do you think coffee and tea are healthy? Why / Why not? 1115. How can we get kids to eat less candy and more healthy food? 1216. You are what you eat? Agree? / Disagreed? And why? 12VI CONCLUSION 13VII REFRENCES 14VIII APPENDICES 15QUESTIONWhat do you usually eat for breakfast?Am I eat breakfast is depends on what time that I wake up, day that I must eat breakfast is weekday. When I back hometown, I normally sleep late until noon, so that I seldom eat breakfast on weekend. Every Monday to Friday, I will eat breakfast before I attend the class. This is because breakfast is very important to everyone.

Sometimes, I will just to drink a cup of cereal (Picture 1.1) or accompanied with a bread for my breakfast (Picture 1.2).

Cereal and bread are simple and inexpensive breakfast for everyone, especially students. Sometimes, I will buy a pack of Nasi Lemak from school canteen for my breakfast, it just only RM1.50 per pack (Picture 1.3).

It just only a simple breakfast, coconut rice served with hot chile sauce accompanied with 16 of an hard-boiled egg, fried anchovies, fried peanut and sliced cucumber. It not only cheap, it also can let me do not feel hungry. (152 words)What do you often eat for lunch?I usually have my lunch with my roommate. The first location that we visit is ‘The Nook’ which is located in TARUC ,Perak campus. In ‘The Nook’, there have sell different kind of dessert and also some food such as curry puff (Picture 2.

1), different day sell different food. If the food that ‘The Nook’ is sold out, I will go out of the school to have my lunch, for example ‘Which One Café’. Which One Café has sell many dishes in set or in a la carte. I always order the noodles that named Hokkien Mee accompanied with an egg (Picture 2.

2)and also cendol ice (Picture 2.3). The portion of the dish that they offer is large and the price of the ‘Which One Café’ is also acceptable and reasonable. It is a good choice for student to settle their lunch or dinner at there.(140 words)What do you often eat for dinner?For my dinner, I always buy some different ingredients to cook a table of simple dishes to settle my meal (Picture 3.1). I buy the ingredients from Econsave which near from my hostel.

Ingredients that I always buy are lady’s finger, water spinach, broccoli, toufu, tomato, fish ball and different types of mushroom. I will cook by myself is because as a student, we need to save money on the meal that we eat. I buy the ingredients for 1 week just only around RM10. If I settle my dinner at outside, the price maybe will more than RM10. The best method for saving money is buy ingredients from outside and cook by myself, so I do it. Furthermore, I am also a student in Diploma Hospitality Management. Cooking skill is necessary for every Hospitality Management student.

(135 words)What kind of food can you cook? Are you a good cook?Actually I am not a good cook, said by my grandmother. Simple home-style dishes is the kind of food that I can cook. I love to learn different types of home-style dishes, but I haven’t reach the level of my grandmother’s cooking style.

The most delicious dishes in the world is my grandmother’s dishes, no others. I had try before every dishes that my grandmother taught me, but it always not enough taste, overcooked, raw or not delicious compared to my grandmother. The simple dish that I always succeeded is every kind of soup.

I had find out a picture as an evidence that I cooked a simple meal for myself when my grandmother not at home. It was a pickled zha cai soup (Picture 4.1).

I will try my best to cook until the level of my grandmother. Now is the opportunity to learn hard from my grandmother, because she becomes older and older.(153 words)What is your favourite drink?My favourite drink is carrot milk, which is a healthy and simple beverages. The ingredients of the carrot milk only have 2 things, there are fresh red carrot and condensed milk. I love the carrot milk which is with a heavy taste of milk, I can’t reject this kind of beverage. There have numerous benefits of carrot milk.

First,I knew this beverage since I was studying in primary school and was also because of my father. Back to the first time I knew the carrot milk, my family and I have a trip in Kuala Lumpur. When we met my cousin sister in a food court, my father ordered the carrot milk for his drinks. Because of my curious, I tried it then I fell in love with the drinks.

Until now I’m studying in University College, I still love to drinks the carrot milk. That has one things that I need to take note is I cannot drink too much the carrot milk because it make my sole of foot become yellow colour.(167 words)What are you going to eat after class?After the class end, I will go to buy Auntie Lu’s dumpling.

It located besides E-cup which is at Taman Bandar Baru, Kampar. I always go to buy the dumplings at least once a week. There have 2 fillings of her dumplings, there are garlic chives and also cabbage.

I love to eat the cabbage filling more than the garlic chives. Auntie Lu will also provide the spicy kimchi, soy sauce with vinegar for us. When we eat the dumplings, we can accompanied with the spicy kimchi and also soy sauce with vinegar (Picture 6.

1). It is a perfect match and also taste good. A dumpling that she sell is RM1.10 each. I buy 5 dumplings every time, so it cost RM5.50.

(120 words)Are you hungry now? Why? / Why not?Moderate, I’m not hungry and not full now. I just took my dinner at 8pm something, the time now is 11.18pm. My dinner was very simple, it was ABC soup served with rice (Picture 7.

1). The ingredients of the ABC soup have potato, red carrot, red onion, tomato and also pork ribs. Besides, I need to explain that I am very easy to satisfy for my every meal. Any delicious dishes are not necessary for my each meal, a bowl of soup with rice is enough for me to fill my stomach.

I’m very love to drink soup especially watercress soup. Even though I had my dinner before at around 8pm something, but now I have an idea to eat supper, dry maggie noodles. I very love to eat dry maggie noodles accompanied with a sunny-side up egg and uncooked small rose onion (Picture 7.2). I will broke the egg yolk first, and then dip the maggie noodles with the egg yolk or eat together with the small onion. I always cook like this for my supper.(173 words)What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?In the 19 years ago, the strangest food that I ate before is oyster (Picture 8.

1). I tried to eat the oyster at first time is this year, 2018. I ate the oyster in a Japanese Restaurant at Singapore. My aunt orders the oyster for us to try.

I did not try to eat the oyster before, so I take the oyster and eat. Before eating, I put some lemon juice on the oyster. Although I not understand why need to put the lemon juice, I still have try it. When I ate the oyster, some salty liquid in the shell along with the oyster get into my mouth. Is that the liquid come with sea? It is little chewy and I felt that the oyster is sliding on my tongue.

Even though it is the strangest food that I had eat, but still can accept it.(145 words)Would you like to be a farmer and grow food? Why? / Why not?I would like to be a part-time farmer to grow food. The part-time farmer that I mean is I have my own job and I also will be a farmer to grow food when my free time. Since I born, my father is a farmer until I graduate from primary school.

In that time, I have go to the farm to help my father to plant, water, collect vegetables. Based on the experience, I will be a part-time farmer to grow my organic food for my family. Organic food does not have any chemicals that get harmful to human. My family and I can eat the organic food without any worry. Besides, be a farmer to grow food can let us understand the exhausting of a farmer. So that, we will treasure the food and does not waste the food easily.

This is why I would like to be a farmer.(151 words)How was food different 100 years ago?In 100 years ago, food that provided from animals such as milk, diary and eggs were healthier than now. Even though that our recent ancestors ate “too much” of these products,but they were eating the healthiest kinds of animal products, those raised on grass, outdoors and hopefully, with a lot of human love too CITATION Lon15 l 2052 (Longhurst, 2015). This is because growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified feed were never fed to the animals CITATION Lon15 l 2052 (Longhurst, 2015). Animals nowadays live in dark, tiny and unsanitary conditions where diseases spread rapidly CITATION Lon15 l 2052 (Longhurst, 2015). In addition, they will eat unnatural foods that are loaded with chemicals and drugs that directly impact the humans who eat those animals CITATION Lon15 l 2052 (Longhurst, 2015).

In addition, fruits and vegetables today were sprayed more pesticides and also other chemicals compared to the 100 years ago. Those harmful chemicals are to make the fruits and vegetables grew well CITATION Ste06 l 2052 (Stewart ; Stewart, 2006). It is almost impossible to avoid those happen, unless we buy organic fruits and vegetables. (145 words)Do you like spicy food? Why? / Why not?I like to eat spicy food, but I don’t like to eat too spicy food. The means of the spicy food in my mind is the level of spicy is at my acceptable level. The too spicy food that I means that is when I try to eat the spicy food, it makes me stuck in dilemma for either eat or not eat. But I still like to eat spicy food such as spicy KFC drumstick, its spicy level still at my acceptable level.

In addition, laksa is my one of the favourite foods. Not too spicy laksa is also my choice to eat when I want to eat. The food that I eat the most spiciest in my life is Korea instant noodles named Samyang Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles (Picture 11.1). When I ate the first spoon of the noodles, my throat is like burning by fire and also pain.

After that time, I won’t eat the noodles again. It is truth things that happen at me. (166 words)Describe some famous foods in your country.I live in a country named Malaysia.

Our country has 3 major races, there are Malay, Chinese and India. So, we have many different types of food from different races. The first food that must eat in Malaysia is marinated meat skewer, also known as satay (Picture 12.1). Marinated meat skewer is grilled over a charcoal fire CITATION Den17 l 17417 (Dennis, 2017). Meat that usually used in Malaysia is chicken or beef CITATION Den17 l 2052 (Dennis, 2017), but some of the hawker will also use pork or mutton. Before grilling, the meat will marinate with paste.

Then the best part of eating marinated meat skewer is the dipping sauce CITATION Den17 l 2052 (Dennis, 2017). Second famous food that must try is rojak (Picture 12.2). Rojak is a spicy salad which mixed with some fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, cucumber, rose apple, crispy fritters and so on CITATION Den17 l 17417 (Dennis, 2017). Third food that Malaysian know is roti canai (Picture 12.

3). Roti canai is a classic breakfast for Malaysian, it is a type of flatbread CITATION Den17 l 17417 (Dennis, 2017). There have many types of eating, for example eating with lentil curry CITATION Den17 l 2052 (Dennis, 2017), condensed milk, sugar, eggs and so on. These foods can find in every area in Malaysia. It still has many famous food in my country such as laksa, nasi lemak and others.(194 words)What kinds of food DON’T you like?I think that everyone also have their dislike food, included me. I don’t like to eat biscuits such as Lexus biscuit (Picture 13.

1). I don’t like the biscuits because the biscuit is very dry and also difficult to swallow. The another food that I don’t like is snack. I am a person who less eat candy and also snacks.

Snacks is an unhealthy food for people because of the food additive such as preservative. Third food that I don’t like is fish. This is because my throat always sting by the fish bone. Another reason is some of the fish is fishy, I scared to eat this kind of flavour. (108 words)Do you think coffee and tea are healthy? Why / Why not?In a beverage shop, if there have coffee and tea to let me choose, I will choose tea. I love to drink tea more than coffee because I don’t like the taste of coffee. The taste of coffee let me feel uncomfortable and also hatefully.

Both of the coffee and tea are also good to us, even though I don’t like to drink coffee. Inside the coffee has an ingredients named caffeine, it can help us to burn the fat CITATION War16 l 2052 (Coffee, 2016). This is because caffeine can break down the body fat and use it as fuel for training CITATION War16 l 2052 (Coffee, 2016).Nevertheless, we cannot drink too much coffee in a day, because coffee can cause us restlessness. Tea also takes benefit to us, it is similar to coffee. Tea can helps us to reduce chance of developing some cancer such as prostate cancer CITATION Sta16 l 2052 (Staff, 2016). In addition, it also can help us to lose weight, especially green tea which without sugar.

Tea is the best choice for those who is on diet CITATION Sta16 l 2052 (Staff, 2016).(165 words)How can we get kids to eat less candy and more healthy food?Every kids like to eat candy is a normal situation, because candy is sweet. Kids do not know eat more candy take more disadvantages to them, but we be an adult we know. We need to encourage kids to eat less candy, there have many methods to let them eat less candy and eat more healthy food. The solution to get kids eat less candy is don’t avoid but do control. As a parents, they need to try not to buy sugary snacks at home, limited the quality of the snacks CITATION Kom18 l 2052 (Komninou, 2018). If kids ask about the snacks, parents have a responsibility to tell them why needed to reduce the foods CITATION Kom18 l 2052 (Komninou, 2018).

Creativity is necessary for a mother and it also useful for kids. For example, when we prepared food for kids, we can cut the food in different shapes that can attract the kids. In addition, we can arranged the food become a characters which kids like, it also can attract kids to eat.(163 words)You are what you eat? Agree? / Disagreed? And why?Agree, it is literally true. The phrase , ‘You are what you eat’ means that it is important that we need to eat nutritious food to keep a healthy body CITATION Sof13 l 17417 (Software, 2013).

This is because food is the basic condition of human. Every cell that inside our body is created from the food that what we eat also the water what we drink CITATION Mac14 l 17417 (Maclean, 2014). Food not only to fulfil our stomach, it also need to consider that the balance diet of food can become each types of nutrition to our body. We also can avoid sickness through the food. The best way to maintain our healthy is eat more vegetables and fruits in right ways CITATION Mac14 l 17417 (Maclean, 2014). For example, choosing the organic foods and also cook with 3 less.rds)CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, food that we eat can cause us sick, but also can maintain our body healthy.

So that, we must eat much the food that is good to us and take more energy to us. Besides, the dishes that we cook may following the 3 less: less sugar, less salt and also less oil. Dishes that cook by own is quite healthy compared to settle our meal at outside. This is because we can control the ingredients and also the seasoning. In addition, we must know every types of vegetables and cooking method such as grill, fried, steam and so on. If do not have any knowledge of cooking method or types of vegetables, how we can cook a delicious and nutritious dish.

We must take care of our body health start from eating the food.(137 words)REFERENCES BIBLIOGRAPHY Coffee, W. (10 June, 2016).

12 Health Benefits and 6 Disadvantages of coffee(Smashing It!). Retrieved 11 July, 2018, from Warrior Coffee: (10 April, 2017). Malaysia Foods- Top 10 Eats That Are Insanely Delicious! Retrieved 11 July, 2018, from Asia Internship Program:, S. (11 January, 2018).

Sugar: six easy ways to encourage children to eat less. Retrieved 16 July, 2018, from The Conversation:, D. (20 December, 2015). Food then and now: How nutrition has changed. Retrieved 8 July, 2018, from Linked in:, M.

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Coffee vs. Tea: Which Is Better for You? Retrieved 11 July, 2018, from Care Dash:, M., ; Stewart, D.

(25 August, 2006). Food then and now. Retrieved 8 July, 2018, from Health24: 1.1: This was a cup of cereal.Picture 1.2: This was a cup pf cereal accompanied with a bread.Picture 1.3: This was a pack of nasi lemak that buy from school.Picture 2.1: These were curry puff which bought from ‘The Nook’.Picture 2.2: This was Hokkien Mee accompanied with an egg.Picture 2.3: This was cendol ice which offered by ‘Which One Café’.Picture 3.1: This was a table of simple dishes that cooked by myself.Picture 4.1: This was zha cai soup cooked by me when my grandmother not at home.Picture 6.1: This was cabbage dumplings bought from Auntie Lu.Picture 7.1: This was ABC soup.Picture 7.2: This was a dry Maggie noodles accompanied with sunny side-up egg and sliced uncooked small rose onion.Picture 8.1: This was the oyster that I first time to eat.Picture 11.1: This was Samyang Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles which produced by Korea.Picture 12.1: This was marinated meat skewer, also known as ‘Satay’.Picture 12.2: This was a rojak.Picture 12.3: This was one of the famous food of Malaysia, roti canai.Picture 13.1: This was Lexus biscuit.


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