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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Tuckman was able to distinguish the order of group communication however a lot of people end up stuck in the middle of a conversation.In addition the emotional and social staging are at the first two stages and the last ones being more toward the task. These stages show the development of a group they will not be able to perform well if they do not experience conflicts and able to work through it well.

Forming: At this stage people are meeting for the first time as they greet each other and each give an introduction. People are giving of their first impressions as they exchange information about themselves They also may feel anxious as people do not know what to expect.Storming: This is the stage where the team starts to push boundaries and are confident with their opinions. In addition they are able to be more honest as they get more comfortable.

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this is also where conflicts build as well as trust.Norming: They have figured out a way in which they all work together and what works well for them. They are now able to provide constructive criticism and to give feedback to one another.

They can now discuss their opinions freely as they can now solve their conflicts by providing solutions.Performing: The team has now come to a conclusion and has reached their goal of the conversation.This is where the end of the conversation in which people exvhange their goodbyes


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