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Last updated: April 24, 2019

Truc NguyenWorld HistoryPeriod CDBQNationalism does not only lead people into feeling proud of one’s country and be loyal to their nation, it allows the people to be unified as a nation and as individuals. The statement “Nationalism united people into nation states, toppled empires composed of many ethnic minorities and contributed to the outbreak of wars in the nineteenth century,” is a true statement to be loyal to your country, have pride and do whatever it takes to improve the economy and society of the country. Nationalism can lead to unification because of the common love and pride for the country, believing in the success of unity for the nation. Nationalism was a powerful force that contributed to the unification of Italy. A man named Count Cavour, was the prime minister of Piedmont Sardinia in 1852. He wanted to drive out the foreigners to allow Italy to be a “powerful and glorious” country. He quotes that he “wish to be free Italy from foreign rule,” not only for the power, but also for the educational and intelligence improvements and moral development of the country.

This allows Italy to overthrow colonial rule and express democratic ideas. Getting rid of foreign rule benefits the country because, now the people can decide how they are governed instead of having monarchs “impose” government on them. (Document 3)The Germans had a major success in being a unified nation.

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Otto von Bismarck calls it “the road to greatness.” He transformed a group of separate German states into a unified empire. There was much conflict in uniting the German states, including religious conflicts. Prussia could no longer carry the power that Germany needed for security, so the power had to be distributed among the German people to fight for their country and be successful by settling it through “iron and blood.” The people believed to fight for their freedom and unity for equal power to expand their powerful German empire. Multiple ethnicity groups who share a similar culture, unite to form the German nation/empire. (Document 5)Written on August 23, 1793, the excerpt Levee Masse highlights the idea of Nationalism and the impact on French society. This excerpt showcased Nationalism and being a unified country because, it expressed the idea to work for a better life and for a better future for all of France and the nation.

The impact on the French society, due to the ideas of Nationalism was powerful because, it brought unity and equality to society, allowing women, children, men, the elder etc. to work on their own will and allowing their duty to serve for the country. (Document 1) Serving for your country comes back to the overall theme, which is the impact of Nationalism in France. The French National Anthem emphasizes the main point of Nationalism which is to fight for your country as well as fighting for your Natural rights and liberty as stated from John Locke the Enlightenment thinker. The quote “To liberty or death,” from the excerpt clearly indicates the emotional point of the soldiers and of the people in this time longing for the independence, which refers back to unity because, it brings the people of France together, working as a team, to successfully gain the common reason why they want to be free from weak leaders or leader.


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