Topic: EnvironmentRecycling

Last updated: March 16, 2019

Trees are living things that belong to the plant kingdom. Trees are very useful to human beings. They are the sources of wood that we use to build houses or furnitures. In the old days, chopped wood from trees are used for cooking or for bonfire/fireplace. Papers and pencils came also from trees and so much more. They also gave shelter to other animals and shade to us during hot days. They also help to prevent us floods and soil erosion that causes landslide. But we, humans take advantage of it that we just cut trees and never think of the effects of it.
Deforestation is becoming a bigger issue because of our carelessness.

For our information, at least 4 billion of trees are chopped down every year to make our paper we use for writing. So what can we do? One is to maximize the use of paper by writing on both sides. Two, tell your parents to enroll in paperless billing for utilities that offer such as cellular service. Three, in terms of communication, use email instead of writing. Fourth, putting used papers in the recycling bin. Lastly, instead of writing your important notes in a piece of paper,
use the latest technologies such as tablets or laptops in taking down notes.

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