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Transformational Leader Style Sherzod MukhamedovColumbia Southern UniversityTransformational leader styleThere are so many leaders in the world and all of them have the same purpose, to make the world better. However, the styles of each leader vary each from another because of their unique approach and analyses with whom they are surrounded by. There were some leaders who were transformational people and most of them are famous individuals. Transformational leaders they were and still appear on all continents and we can see them in all contexts. For example, as an entrepreneur, presidents and so on. However, at this essay I would like to present one of the famous transformational leaders, Alexander The Great who earned the loyalty and commitment through his charisma, knowledge, and leadership skill.

(A&E Television Networks, April 2, 2014).While developing physical strength was of course important to Alexander, psychological strength was equally so. Before battles, Alexander would give empowering speeches to motivate his soldiers telling them that despite the obstacles they would face, they would succeed. Almost certainly, if Alexander were a player in the workplaces of today, he would be a transformational leader, who aimed to transform the goals and aspirations of his employees, helping them to be the best that they could be, to excel and to achieve. Perhaps as a result of their inherent charisma and ability to connect psychologically, appealing to emotions and consciousness, transformational leaders have followers who are devoted and loyal. Followers want to do well for their leader, be it on the battlefield or the boardroom.

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In the 21st century we still want leaders like Alexander, who not only have strength and belief in their own abilities, but in the abilities of their followers. Employees want to see their leader working hard, with ambition and drive that is not confined to their own attainment, but to the attainment of the team overall; historical sources assert that Alexander would proclaim: “Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all” (A&E Television Networks, April 2, 2014).Going through from all the facts that have been mentioned before, transformational leader boosts morale, motivation, and performance by creating a singular sense of identity and purpose for a project and getting people to embrace it and partake of it. In this case, that person was Alexander The Great who by word and deed he inspired his troops and followers and he was sharing his vision of great glory and wealth with them. Additionally, after Alexander passed away, no one had the charisma or leadership to rule such a huge empire. Reference Alexander the Great.

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