Topic: Health & MedicineNursing

Last updated: August 13, 2019

Transcultural nursing has been integrated into nursing education and clinical practice due to the increasing heterogeneity of patient populations utilizing wellness programs including hospitals and clinics. Nurses need to be cognizant of the confrontations and differences he/she may come across. Reflecting on what is learned in school and clinical settings to accommodate nursing care appropriately.

Being mindful of the individuals’ cultural preferences and background critically impacts understanding the patient’s view or how he/she will respond to treatment. If the patient’s nursing care plan and therapy options are not within the scopes of his or her cultural values and recovery, progress can be deferred, or condition may worsen. Leininger’s theory rationalizes and anticipates the correlation between a nurse’s ability to understand his or her own cultural beliefs and how use the doctrine to become a well-rounded nurse in rendering culturally holistic care. Prudent nurses are receptive to knowledge and dig deep for information relevant to the ethnic variations compared to his/her own when conducting assessments to carry out holistic care.

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