Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: February 20, 2019

Training and development helps the growth of an organization. An organisation needs to have a motivated and confident staff in order to remain competitive. Well trained staffs are an asset to the company, without them an organization won’t be able to grow.

In order for an organisation to remain in the business, it is important for the management to think how to keep the positivity and motivation for their employee. By provide training also can enhance morale on the job and loyalty to the company. Staff who believe their company offers excellent training opportunities are generally less likely to leave their companies than employees with poor training opportunities which means if it happens the costs of recruitment also can be reduce. As we have been discuss in this report, it can be said that there a lot of benefit of on-going staff training and development in term of for organization or the staff itself. For organization, it important to keep the business continues running effectively and in order to do so, HRM should think how to keep the employee always stay motivates. Because without staff or labour the company or business won’t work properly and systematically. For the company to stay in the business, it is a must to have a well-trained staffs.

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Some company might face with high turnover; well it is something that HRM can figure out how to make sure that such problem can be reduce.


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