Traffic is a big trend here in our country like wherever your designated place is it’s impossible that you will never experience traffic and the worse is some PUV’s operate illegally, traffic is caused by undisciplined PUV’s or Public Utility Vehicles’ such as jeepney, buses, taxi, driver that stop in the middle of the road to take in passengers and sometimes causes accidents and worse is some operates illegally or colorum, in which it affects the time and risks life, most likely it occurs during rush hour
so if the Philippine government may be able to take control in operating the PUV’s and it may lessen the traffic jam and colorum vehicle or operators and this is to ensure that every public utility vehicle around NCR is safe because it is under the government hands it may benefit as well for the PUV drivers because they may have a fixed income not like today their total income depends on the deal with owner of the vehicle like example 500 pesos per day but the expenses like gas will be from the driver who rented the vehicle.


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