Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: February 20, 2019

They is Internally focused.
They are Customer focused.
They have bureaucratic structure.
They have self –regulating work units.
Planning and coordination carried/done by management.
Planning and coordination are carried by work teams.
The jobs are defined as specialization and narrowly
Jobs are broadly defined, As per employees possess multiple skills.

processes and procedures are usually unclear
Documentation and clarity of core processes and procedures.

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Department boundaries defined by functions. (E.g. Engineering, manufacturing, etc.)
Department boundaries determined to leverage competitive advantage (task inter-relationship, customer, product or process focused).

They mostly focuses on technical skills training
Training focuses on total employee development
Reward based on individual/per employee perfomance
Rewards based on contributions to effectiveness team.

Employee are used as tools of management. Employee used as partners.


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