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Tourism has been speak of as a “goose that lays a brilliant egg, as well as fouls its own home”. Ever since the creation of documented history, humans are drawn to travel with the determination of business (trade), exploration, food, water and safety. Tourism is the activities of persons traveling from one place to another and staying in different places for leisure, business and other purpose. Such as for experience and knowledge. Tourism is an important sector that helps to develop country economy. This is main sources for increasing and generation of jobs; it is most important source of welfare.

Tourism give economic, social, and environment benefits to country. Tourism provides jobs directly and indirectly to the community. Many developing countries are keen to develop thus sector to become richer and improve their economy. In the intervening time, the goal of International inbound tourists which are also known as overnight visitors, are the number of tourists who travel to a country other than that in which they have their usual residence, but outside their usual atmosphere, for a period not greater than 12 months and whose main goal in visiting is other than an activity recompensed from within the country stayed. The data on inbound tourists refer to the number of arrivals, not to the number of people traveling. Albeit a person who makes manifold trips to a country during a given period is calculated each time as a new arrival.

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The rate for International tourism, number of influxes in Pakistan was 966,000 as of 2012 (Knoema, 2012). A massive influx of Pakistan enlarged from 429,000 in 1998 to 966,000 in 2012 originating at a run of the mill annual rate of 6.95 %. (Yodatai, 2012) Outbound tourism is the tourism when someone goes out of their own country. Pakistan outbound tourism has been increased about 1,424 million US dollars from 1996-2015 (Yodatia, 2015) . There are different types of factors which are affecting outbound tourism of Pakistan. High price of transportation, food, accommodations which can’t be affordable for middle class.

Unattractive infrastructure of hotels, poor road conditionsImportance of study: In spite of having a variety of resource base and a moderately widespread coastline, Pakistan has been ineffectual than India in attracting Western tourists, albeit the sector accounts for 3 per cent of GDP. In part, this is due to the strength of Islamic tradition. Most of the country entails of mountain, desert landscapes and some of the world’s most difficult terrain secedes Pakistan from its neighbours to the west and north.Outbound tourism is inclined by visa limitations in many countries and accounts for around a million departures annually. Whereby, Inbound tourism collectively comprise of national disaster such as floods, as well as a internal conflict, have had a noisome influence on tourism and special permits are needed to travel in some parts.

In 2013 around 600,000 arrivals were verified, the most significant generation countries being the UK and the USA. (Boniface, 2016)Statement of problem:The mainly cause of decline in tourism of Pakistan is by terrorism for example foreigners killed in Marriott hotel Islamabad , attack on Srilankan cricket team ,3 million people are displaced from their place of residence during swat operations in 2009. 9 foreign tourists killed in Nanga Parbat in 2013. These are few reasons due which people prefer outbound tourism.

Literature review:The main cause of delcine of tourism in pakistan is because of terrorism. As its mention in dawn , Because decline in terrorism in the pakistan tourism is seem to be incerased as compared to last three years. Pakistan Tourism development corporation (PTDC) data showed that international tourists have more than tripled since 2013 to 1.75 million in 2016, while domestic travellers hane jumped 30 percent to 38.

3m (, 2017).Same is the case highlighted by the new the role of travel agencies promoting turkey preferred as the tourism destination for Pakistan tourists has been figure out according to the Turkish statistical institute in 2107 is approximately 77,000 Pakistanis travelled to turkey (, 2018).Outbound tourism is affecting our economy as compared to inbound tourism, people prefer outbound because it helps them in making their career and unfortunately inbound tourism making our economy down and there are no chances for job for coming generation as the united Nation has design that 2017 is the international year of Sustainable Tourism for the development. The world largest economic sector travel and tourism creates different jobs across the world .The outbound tourism is more preferable because it provide jobs in different countries while in Pakistan there is shortage of job in travel and tourism field (Rochelle turner, 2017).

In the last few years terrorism has affected the tourism a lot. In 2013 in Pakistan on 22 June 16 militants dressed up in Gilgit scouts uniforms and killed 10 climbers and a local guide .These people were from different countries , including Ukraine, China, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Nepal. (Waqas A Khan, 2016).There are factors which are effecting the tourism of pakistan. The lack of infrastucture in pakistan is the main cause of the failure of tourism industry.

There are no proper roads,railway tracks, and transportation services.Pakistan government lack the ability to cope with the natural factors .In 2005 after the earthquake the government of pakistan didn’t take any serious action regards the redevelopment and re-consturction.According to the tourist the biggest problem they are facing during travelling is the sercurity issuse


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