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Last updated: March 4, 2019

Tourism development associated with environmental impacts are obvious in various regions of the world as communities widely involved in tourism struggle to find an optimal balance between economics and conservation. The growing effects of tourism development have usually fragmented local residents with value to their perception of impacts and support for tourism. The main purpose of this research was to further stress the negative and positive effects that tourism has on the environment. Keywords: Environmental impacts, tourism, aquatic ecosystems, local ecosystems, carbon cost, transportation emissions, land degradation, Tourism contributes both positively and negatively to the environment. Negative effects of tourism may include increased pollution, an increased carbon cost and the stressed placed on the native plants, animals and aquatic ecosystems also physical impacts (land degradation and soil erosion), While the positive benefits of tourism may include increased awareness of the plight of many species, education on sustainable tourism and job opportunities.

Tourism transmits different stresses on different geographical locations, Tourists who travel to cities with high populations do not generally cause noticeable effects on the environment, as the relative impact created by the travelers is low. By contrast, when tourists travel to isolated and sparsely populated areas, they create a high impact on the location. For example, a group of travelers visiting the city of New York have little to no effect on the crowded metropolis, but for a group of travelers who’d visit a small island country may cause a significant effect on the natural terrain. Tourists increase the amount of pollut

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