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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Tourism began when wealthy citizens of ancient Rome, deciding to spend their summers away from the city, took trips to the countryside and the beach.A tourist industry soon growth up to supply for the Romans’ travel and accommodation needs and for a while it grows really well. During the medieval era, however, tourism again appeared due to the growing interest in pilgrimages. The organisers arranged the tourism basics of itineraries and places to eat and sleep.

Hundreds of years later, there were two other factors that encouraged the start of more widespread and regular tourism which are health and culture. Those who could afford to do so began to visit the spa and seaside towns of eighteenth century Europe to benefit from the spring waters and fresh air. Others, most particularly the English, they took educational holidays to countries such as Italy with the intention of studying paintings, sculptures and architecture, and visiting historical sites. Leisure tourism took hold when industrialisation across Europe gave rise to an affluent middle class with an increasing amount of free time.

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Entrepreneurs started to build hotels with an infrastructure of roads, carriages and ferries. After all, tourism began to take form as an international and wide industry.


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