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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Topic: EuthanasiaSource: Films on Demand.Summary: Euthanasia is when someone choose to end their life through a doctor because of the suffering of a disease such as cancer, paralysis, vegetative state and others. Some people claimed that the duty of a doctor is to preserve their patient’s life and others think that people have the right to die with dignity. Three key terms: 1.

Euthanasia (noun) – Some say euthanasia is outright killing and playing God, others view it as a merciful way to maintain a measure of dignity at death.2.3.Three interesting ideas: 1.

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The state of Oregon allows the passive euthanasia, but not active euthanasia.2. Passive euthanasia – It is when the patient requests the end of his life and a doctor performs it providing pills or an injection, so the patient will be dying gradually.3.

Active euthanasia- The doctor get involves in the end of their patient’s life providing a lethal injection to cause their death immediatelyDiscussion Questions:1) What is your point of view about euthanasia?2) Do you think a doctor should preserve their patient’s life, or they should adapt to their patients’ necessities?3) What would you do if a family member who is under pain because of a disease and is considering the euthanasia? 4) Do you think euthanasia is the same as murder?5) Do you think we have the right to decide when we are going to die? Or that decision should be made by God?


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