Today, the emergence of information and communication technology (ICT) has greatly changed the human lifestyle. Communication and communication systems are increasingly easy and fast when relationships are no longer boundary boundaries. ICT is definitely a blessing, opportunity and challenge to us. The sophistication of information technology has empowered the media of communication where new media has been able to defeat traditional media as well as open space to all types of organizations to have it and exploit it. The revolution of ICT development will always happen in everyday life that will change our world and our lives.
Now, cloud computing or cloud computing has been trending to most companies around the world as it can provide cost savings to servers and maintenance of ICT resources. Additionally, it allows data access to be done anywhere as long as it has an Internet connection. Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing where the source of software and information is supplied on demand. The cloud refers to cloud symbols that describe the Internet (Internet cloud). For example, this cloud computing process occurs when you save data such as pictures, video clips or voice recordings to a website. Then, you can access the stored data from any device from other places such as from other computers, other laptops, tablet computers or from mobile phones via an Internet connection. Cloud computing services for personal use such as Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and 4Shared have been used by most people every day. At present, the cloud services market has been dominated by several suppliers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Cloud Computing has its own unique future like Apple which has created icloud applications to enable cloud computing activities to run through their devices such as MacBooks, iPhones or iPads. Cloud computing can be run anytime, anywhere, usually by using a free website or free web application such as Google Docs. According to Ballmer, “Cloud Computing Microsoft, can also be used as a tool to help promote and transform Malaysia into a high-income economy by 2020. We fully support the Malaysian innovation agenda” (Utusan Malaysia, 26 May 2010) This clearly shows that cloud computing technology has time bright fronts and have great potential for efficiency, cost savings and innovation to companies and cooperatives in Malaysia. Additionally, the current situation of the user is easy to achieve high speed broadband connectivity which should necessarily be utilized along with this cloud computing technology.

Today, abortion is a delicate issue to talk about since it creates a lot of controversy with those who are prolife and those who are pro-choice. Women that want to abort go through so much thinking to make a wise decision. Society is not well-informed over the topic abortion so when brought up its difficult for those persons to treat it with carefulness.

There are two options that women are given to abort, the first option is medication abortion and the second option is in-clinic abortion. According to Planned Parenthood a woman can begin to abort between the 4th and 6th weeks of pregnancy, after the 24th week into pregnancy there’s no possibilities on aborting since it’s too late. During the 12th week it’s difficult to find a provider that could help a woman abort since its riskier. While for medication abortion there’s a certain period the woman must consume the pill, the pill is only available till the 10th week of pregnancy. They both work differently since in-clinic there’s a need of a doctor that uses medical instruments to remove the fertilization away from the uterus while the medication one requires a pill that ends the pregnancy removing it from the uterus like it was an early miscarriage. In-clinic abortions are 99% efficient while with the pill if taken before the 8 weeks it works 98% of the time, if consumed between the 8th and 9th week it works 96%, and if taken through the 9th and 10th weeks it works 93% of the time meaning that the more time you take the more possibilities of being that percent whom it didn’t work on. There’s always advantages and disadvantages in abortions some advantages for in-clinic abortion are that the procedures take at least 10 minutes long, but it does have some minor effects after depending on the women’s body. Although for medication abortion one gets to have their abortion at home and feels more natural, it does have side effect some are that the person has more cramps and bleedings than an in-clinic abortion. As stated by Planned Parenthood these two options are safe that ¼ individuals that are over their 30s would abort since it’s the safest medical procedure.

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Abortions are international, and they happen almost every day ending a pregnancy either by medication or in-clinic. Stated by Guttmacher in 2011 about half of pregnancies in the United States were not attended and 4/10 were abortion. Worldometers referenced that about 40-50 million abortions happen a year internationally meaning that at least 125,000 abortions are made a day. Abortions have dropped since 2014 meaning that individuals are taking into consideration and are realizing that taking away a child’s live isn’t always the option since it could change their lives in a very different way. Half of the individuals that aborted in the year of 2014 were between the ages of 20-24 and 27% of the patients were in the age of 25-29. This means that young individuals have a higher percentage of aborting than those in an older age since those young adults are not ready or well informed over pregnancies.

After aborting a woman could get either physical or emotional effects but it all depends on the “child’s birth”. Some physical effects after aborting is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting/bleeding, and craps these effects should last between 2- 4 weeks other than that the woman must see a medical doctor. At times 1 out of a 100 that abort in the trimester and about 1 out of 50 that abort late get more complicated side effects which are a risk for the woman. Emotional and psychological effects are mostly seen after abortions rather than physical effects which cause to be more serious since it may cause regret or depression. Usually woman that abort get emotional since they start thinking about the baby that was forming within themselves that’s if they had the mentality that it was a baby already those who didn’t don’t have a negative emotional effect. Some emotional effects are regret, anger, guilt, shame, loneliness, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, etc… Woman stated that they get more affected than they thought it would get after aborting. These side effects usually happen to woman who had past emotional problems, can also be due to religious beliefs, don’t have someone to support them with the child and when forced or convinced that abortion is the best choice. An individual that is planning to abort should always be surrounded by positive people, avoid any kind of pressure, analyze facts of abortion, and talk out their feelings (negative).

Deciding to abort has its consequences and at times it’s not the best option because one must think about what is growing inside of them is a human being. Their hearts start forming at the beginning and are fully formed in the 8th week when they start beating. This means when they are being aborted, they could feel the damage those instruments are creating on their body. A woman could decide to abort due to what cause that pregnancy in the first place some examples could be rape, trauma, loose of confidence, forced marriage and/or not being the right time for a baby due to financial problems. Although these were the causes, woman should reflect that the child growing inside of them could have a different live and although it was from a rape it’s not the babies’ fault. The child could be the light of the dark that the woman went through causing her to cherish her life even more since she has someone to look upon.

All in all, one could get informed over abortion, so their opinions won’t hurt an individual that has planned or done that. If one gets enough information, one might know why these individuals decided abortion as a choice. Although at times it makes a person think on why individuals would end a human being live if it’s not their fault since they aren’t aware of the cause.

Today, we are saying farewell to 62 men who have been in this formation house since 2014. It has indeed been a long journey. Today, we give an applause of praise to Almighty God whom they have always contemplated in the silence of their hearts, to the parents, formators, dioceses, friends and all those people of good will who have supported them in different ways.
Silence always has been a gift to the Church from the beginning of the world, since even God brought things to be in silence and even continue to be in silence. In his book with Nicholas Diat on “The Power of Silence, Against the Dictatorship of Noise”, Robert Cardinal Sarah talks of “silence as a bridge which leads us to God; God can only be found in silence since noise is destruction, for silence grants us serenity to talk with our innermost self on how to grow more in a profound intimate relationship with God”.
The world of today is a strong enemy of silence since those who observe it are seen as “a loss”, so this serves to remind us that we who are aspiring to serve in the vineyard have to love it; for one to know thyself needs a special moment to go aside and live their inner being to contemplate the beauty of this interior silence of God as Christ did (Mark1:35). A priest is a man who is crucified with Christ, celebrates Mass daily, commemorates the paschal mystery and makes the crucifixion present in his life, to live to this, he needs to be a man of silence. Silence in the priestly life must be observed at all time but especially in the morning as one rises, during the saying of the divine office as he prays for the entire Church, during the celebration of Holy Mass as stipulated in the rubrics and in the examination of conscience as he retires from the daily schedules of the day.
Since the prince of this world is on a hunt for the faithful of God, we recommend to you the “Cure d’ Ars” St. John Baptist Mary Vianney who through his life of silence and prayer became a bridge on which people treaded to reach God, that you may witness to Christ by your lives but especially through Silence and lead many to Sion the city of God. To our visitors we wish you safe journeys as you return to your various destinations and a blessed holiday to the old timers.


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