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Last updated: December 17, 2019

Today world is the modern world. It is making progress rapidly day by day. There are many opportunities to make yourself able to earn. However, you must prove yourself. Why not do it by creating an online course and bring out your knowledge and hidden talent to the world. What is the thing that matters the most? It is merely your expertise and command over your field of knowledge. How to get a start? We are going to explore it.
Choice of Course with High Market Demand
The trends of the market are always the hunt for successful business running people. Remember NOKIA, once famous in the market but got extinct. They did not adopt the market. Think about trending things. Make sure there is a great talk of the topic in the market. For example, these days, logo designing and web-development are at top of the niches. Care about the interest of people. Who will pay you if you do not talk about their interests? Do not worry about the competition. If you are talented enough, you are going to ace it.
Always Create Convincing Learning Outcomes
These days, well-defined and planned things come out to be successful. Do not forget to make a proper list of learning outcomes. Learning outcomes reflect what one will be able to do after completing the course. Create some checkpoints in your mind if someone completes your course, what new skills, knowledge people will avail, and what will be their mindset about your course.
Plan the Course Content
This is the key step. If you are well aware of your field, then it is not to question about that you do not have enough to add in your course. The art is how things should be managed properly, not more, not less. A simple method is; create a content that covers your learning outcomes in a descriptive way. Keep an eye on people questions, people fee gratified when their questions are being addressed shortly during your course. Arrange your course into modules. Each module can be for a particular learning outcome.
Determine the Most Appealing and Efficient Method of Delivery
Having done your content well planned, now its next step. You have to choose the effective and engaging method to deliver your content. You must arrange a proper place for visuals, audio content, reading content and videos. Learn about methodologies to deliver the best to your audience of what you know.
Work on Filming, Recording and Editing your Course
The video is the most productive source. You can choose an off-white background, grey is also good. If you are teaching some software record screen of that software. Put yourself too in a small image at corners. If you are pressing some keys, set up a system that keys you press appear there. Add notes properly. You can edit videos in Filmora or Premier pro.
Choose Teaching Platform
If you own a website, you can arrange to present your course there. However, you can also choose some platform like Thinkfic or Kajabi etc.
Pricing and Packaging
The price depends upon what way you are delivering and what is this you are delivering.
However, at the start, you can see your competitors in price. You can increase later on.
Launch Your Course
Launch your course but keep in mind in the marketing of the course. You can provide some early bird discounts. You can use social promotion, make a Facebook or Twitter page. You can hire an expert for that. Ads can also be effective. Share in your circle. There are many marketing techniques. Learn and implement them (ONLINE COURSE CREATION, 2018). As the last word, learning these steps and implementing them will help a lot.


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